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In raids I don’t focus on hps. I do see other healers building their HPS, whilsts the raid dmg is VERY low. I usually DPS, instead of focussing on my HPS just so I look good on meters, since that is the ONLY reason for doing that./quote Well, the thing is your dps as a healer is not very good. For instance, in my old guild we had a priest who was a friend of the gm's and they insited on bringing her everywhere, even tho none of the healers wanted to heal with her, she would be by far the lowest on heal meters, i mean liek the 2nd lowest on the meters would have 3 times as much healing as her, when my guild started using wow web. First, let me say that I'm not claiming to be an expert, but Balance has been my main for all of Legion, and I've had pretty good luck so far. I raid pretty casually, but my guild has done alright. If someone comes along and says my advice is nonsense, I'm happy to take that feedback. So, that out of the way, I agree with what's been said so far. Apr 02, 2019  My Ilvl is 386, I was struggling to heal so much even on first boss. I didn’t have any issue with Raid Healing. But i think in M+ Paladin is Weak and less enjoyable ( That’s my Perception, May be i will try it again in M+ to figure it out better). In pvp paladin is ok ( i do 2s). Balance druid - low DPS - HELP! He knows it and the rest of the raid knows it. Most of us are working to fix our issues and improving (even those who have to use their DPS OS for some reason), since we know what we are doing wrong.

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I feel like they need to either buff starfall right out, or rotate some of our existing AoE damage into Starfall.
Currently it hits like a wet noodle, and most of our AoE comes from SF and MF. It's so bad I'm starting to think it's not even worth popping on 3 targets.
This means that any AoE that is alive for about 10 seconds we simply just suck at, because we have to dot everything and by the time we have our dots running, they will already be at about 40% HP.
Our ST is semi-competitive, I don't think we suck at it, we're more like middle of the pack in that regard.
I feel like Balance has gone from the AoE master to a semi-good ST and consistent Cleave spec.
I was doing some BoE farming in Zandalar with a mage, his Blizzard alone did about 70% more damage than my Starfall, at about equal ilvls. His frozen orb did about three times as much damage too (granted, this will be consistently reset very fast and so he can spam it out every 15 sec or smth).
My haste is very high, at 339 ilvl I'm sitting at 18% haste (1226) and 16.5% crit (759), so I don't think it's my stats that is bad either.
In my opinion they could easily buff Starfall with about 30-50% without it really hurting our rotation. That would probably make it viable to be used at 2 targets again, which I personally feel like it should be.