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Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Torchlight 2 went on sale on Steam this weekend, so I bought it. And immediately regretted it. Like many computer people, I have some issues with repetitive strain injuries, and after a few hours of playing, I was feeling it.
So I was wishing I could just run around with WASD (well, I'm an ESDF person, actually, but whatever) like any other game. Wouldn't that be great? (Well, Blizzard feels that WASD in Diablo would be too awesome - so no yuo!) Ideally I would like to be able to run around with WASD and click to fire my cannon. That would allow me to kite properly, instead of accidentally clicking next to a monster and running up to it instead of attacking it.
Allow me to introduce a different way of playing it, with a little help from our friend AutoHotkey. This script basically listens for movement keys. Then it clicks next to your player character in the direction you specify.
Here's the script. It wasn't written by me, and it was written for the original Torchlight. That said, it's easy to modify it for any top-down isometric action RPG with the main character glued to the center of the screen.

Torchlight 2 How Do I See Summoned Dmg Free

; WASD Controls For Torchlight v3.1
; Author: Desi Quintans <[email protected]>
; Website:
; Script Function:
; Enables WASD controls in Torchlight. Works across all resolutions, and in both
; Windowed and Full-Screen modes. Does not mess up your typing outside the game.
; M key now toggles Automap (in place of A).
; F now switches weapons (in place of W).
#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
#MaxHotkeysPerInterval, 200
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.
SetDefaultMouseSpeed, 0
SetTitleMatchMode, 1
; Initialise variables.
final_x_coord = 0
final_y_coord = 0
are_coordinates_initialised = 0
SetTimer, Button_Pressed, 1
IfWinActive, Torchlight II
;if (are_coordinates_initialised != 1)
; Set coordinate offsets specific to the game. This only initialises once, when the script first detects the game window
; as active. If the user changes game resolutions the script will need to be reloaded, but this is still much better
; than performing the same calculations to set the same variables with the same values every 1 millisecond.
WinGetPos, total_width, total_height, A ; In case of running a Window, or in a resolution not matching the Desktop's.
x_axis_centre := round(total_width//2)
y_axis_centre := round(total_height*0.51) ; This is corrected for true horizontal movement.
up_coord := y_axis_centre-round(total_height*0.05)
down_coord := y_axis_centre+round(total_height*0.06)
left_coord := x_axis_centre-round(total_width*0.045)
right_coord := x_axis_centre+round(total_width*0.045)
are_coordinates_initialised = 1
if GetKeyState('w', 'P') GetKeyState('a', 'P') GetKeyState('s', 'P') GetKeyState('d', 'P')
; Remember the position of the mouse pointer before the WASD keys were pressed.
MouseGetPos, prior_x_pos, prior_y_pos
; Use the chosen coordinates as their respective keys get pressed to direct the mouse pointer.
if GetKeyState('w', 'P')
final_y_coord := up_coord
else if GetKeyState('s', 'P')
final_y_coord := down_coord
final_y_coord := y_axis_centre
if GetKeyState('a', 'P')
final_x_coord := left_coord
else if GetKeyState('d', 'P')
final_x_coord := right_coord
final_x_coord := x_axis_centre
; Perform the directed click. This is a click-hold that immediately gets released.
; Click-hold is necessary as some games don't register a single click.
Click down %final_x_coord% %final_y_coord%
Click up
; Put the mouse pointer back in its original place.
Sleep, 40
Click, %prior_x_pos% %prior_y_pos% Left 0
;#IfWinActive, Torchlight II
; s::Numpad2 ; Remaps intrusive keys to prevent then from opening the skill window and automap.
; a::Numpad4
; w::Numpad8
; f::w ; F now switches weapons
; m::a ; M now toggles automap.
Torchlight 2 How Do I See Summoned Dmg

Here is a Torchlight 2 Embermage Spellsword Build / Guide submitted by Pog. DISCLAIMER: This guide is very long and, arguably, egotistical at times.I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy hearing myself talk. However, I did put a good deal of thought and experience into the build, and I do believe that what I present here is well-reasoned and will be helpful to all levels of experience. Oct 11, 2017  Runic Games is the Seattle-based developer of Torchlight, Torchlight II, and Hob. Hello every time i play torchlight 2 it runs at 70fps and dten in combat drops to 30-40 fps i really want to have this game run good please help! My specs are: windows xp a 2.4gig prossesor 2.

I commented out the bit that only checks screen sizes once, because it works better for me that way. And I just remap the keys in-game, so I commented out the bottom bit. I'm assuming that was for the original game or something.
Anyway, I found the difference was absolutely phenomenal! The game is so much more fun like this. It's not draining to play, it's not hard on your mouse hand ... and you pick stuff up automatically just by running over it! Really, really excellent. It's hard to put into words just how much better the feel is.
I haven't tried this out on Diablo but I'm assuming it should work pretty much the same. You might need to twiddle with the coordinate offset calculations, but whatever.

Torchlight 2 How Do I See Summoned Dmg 2


Torchlight 2 How Do I See Summoned Dmg Lyrics

I wish the developers had included something like this in the base game, but thank goodness for AutoHotkey.