The Static Speaks My Name Free Download Mac

The Static Speaks My Name
Developer(s)the whale husband
Designer(s)Jesse Barksdale
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
Release10 August 2015
Genre(s)Psychological horror
Mode(s)Single player
  1. The Static Speaks My Name Free Download Mac Full
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The Static Speaks My Name is an indiepsychological horrorvideo game created by Jesse Barksdale. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux.

Gameplay and synopsis[edit]

The game takes place in a first-person perspective, and starts out in an indistinct black space, with a grey morphing blob; walking up to it displays a text about a person named Jacob Ernholtz who has committed suicide by hanging at the age of 31. The perspective then shifts to Ernholtz as he is waking up in his apartment; the player – as Ernholtz – must then perform a few menial tasks in the apartment, which is dimly lit with all the doors and windows boarded up. Exploring the apartment reveals that Ernholtz has developed an obsession with a painting of two palm trees and its painter Jason Malone, who a news article pinned to the refrigerator claims has disappeared. The player can also find a hidden doorway behind a bookcase finding Malone in a cage – the player is given the option to either unlock the cage or electrocute Malone. The player then must go to a final room and commit suicide by hanging; the perspective then shifts back to the black space with multiple grey blobs, each with another person's name and method of suicide.


The game received positive reviews from both critics. The Washington Post stated that the game was relatively short, and that it highlighted Barksdale in 'capturing the creeping unease that can come from wanting other people's lives to make too much sense.'[1] Patrick Klepek from Kotaku said that the game was highly disturbing, and that he 'never played anything like The Static Speaks My Name.'[2] A reviewer from GameCritics also stated that he 'had a lot of frustrations with Static' and that 'while Static didn't work for me, it's short, it's free, and certain aspects of it are very much open to interpretation.

The static speaks my name MAC Jan 26 2015 Full Version. A dark, sad, funny, weird 1st person exploration game in which you play as a man obsessed with the meaning behind a painting. Apr 10, 2015 The Static Speaks My Name. The game takes place in Jacob’s home. The player sees the world through Jacob’s eyes, from the moment that he wakes up to his eventual death. The apartment appears to be relatively normal, and the player, upon waking, is greeted with a familiar prompt on the top of the screen. It is a mission objective.

There is also a short film adaptation made by 3CMC Films.[3]


The Static Speaks My Name Free Download Mac Full

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ZAAM is a dark psychological horror adventure that unravels an unsettling story of a father and his daughter as you solve puzzles in its surreal, interactable environment.


Currently in development by Alon Zubina, creator of It’s Always Monday, ZAAM looks set to be a very dark psychological horror experience. For an indicator of how dark things are going to get you may want to check out Schrodinger’s Cat Simulator, a playable teaser for ZAAM which involves you cutting open a dying whale and possibly killing a cat. If you’re killing whales and cats in the teaser then you can only imagine what horrors to expect in the full game!

There’s very little information about the narrative in ZAAM, but it claims to be a personal story, based on a real life events and it will revolve around a father and his daughter (who may be dying). It aims to appeal to fans of games like SOMA, Gone Home and The static speaks my name and features a mixture of narrative and puzzle elements as you explore its strange, fully interactable environments.

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