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Tom Clancy’s The Division is an a role-playing open-world third-person shooter game. The Game takes place in mid-crisis New York with much of a destructive environment which is free to explore. The players get confused with which weapon to gear up and what not to, that is why we made a Beginners Guide to help you understand the interesting mechanics and depth for each weapon in The Division.

Players who have had their hands on with the Beta must have known how the gameplay is and the environment mechanics inside and outside the Dark Zone. In this Article, we will be discussing the weapons, their types, items, gears and the attributes. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Beginners Guide.

How to Gear Up Weapons and Modding Beginners Tips

For Tom Clancy's The Division 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Noob Q. How do you decide which is a better gun based from DMG and RPM?' Mar 15, 2016 This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue.

Mar 15, 2016  This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Dec 05, 2016  So what's 10,000 damage against a target with 49% damage mitigation? So out of cover bonus is a bit better due to the 30% EAD pvp conversion. Though note if the enemy is in cover or increasing their armor via bonuses (in cover bonuses, Barret's vest, etc) armor damage will outpace the out of cover damage very quickly. Mar 21, 2019  The Division 2 has three Dark Zones, specialized areas for PvE and PvP combat. Separate from the main map, these zones have different objectives and progression.

There are Three Primary Categories of Equable Gears and they are Weapons, Gear, and Their Appearance Cosmetic items.


There are six Categories in Weapons and their Type can be seen on the Right-hand side in the information panel whenever you select the weapon. So Let’s discuss the weapons types in detail.

Assault Rifles

These weapons are most effective like the start-up weapons with a medium-range with short control. They typically have three shots at a time and less effect for long range, but if you manage to control a single fire then you’ve some skills, dude. They are very effective at the close range and short kills. They also have to counteract recoil by moving your cursor down or sometimes left to right for different weapons(AK-47).

Sub Machine Guns(SMGs) – Close Range Murder

Do not use it for long range combat as they are very inaccurate. For Close range, these work best for their class. SMGs have pretty low recoils that anybody can sustain fires at close range.

Shotguns – Point Blank Burst

Shotguns are also very good with close range shots, but the only difference is that they achieve optimal damage. You can shoot at your enemies and see for yourself how this little Blank Burst works.

Light Machine Guns(LMGs) – Sustained Fire

These are good with the medium-range shots. Some LMGs which are more close to the Assault Rifles with a medium-range for DTS(Military L86 LSW). With much higher magazine capacity in LMGs are the M249 with hundred round. If you use this and sustain fire on the enemies which will force them to take cover then you will surely rule the ground.

Marksman Rifles – Snipe Key Target

An excellent long range weapon with big bonus ready shots(if you get the Headshot). There are two different types of Marksman Rifles – The One is Semi-automatic like the Sky which is quick and the other is the M44 – these reload after every shot which is accurate, but with slow fire rate. If you see any weapon has a number beside their name like MKS Scope (15X) then this weapon can be zoomed. You need to click the right mouse button to aim in and then press the middle mouse button or Tab to zoom.

Side Arms – The Last Resort

These are the category of Pistols and side arms which have infinite ammo and they come handy when you run out of ammo for your primary weapons. The Ballistic shield can be very useful while using the Marksman Rifles and while reloading you can swap to your side arm and continue shooting.

Weapon Stats

Now that you know about each weapon category and how do they work, it’s important to know which weapon to use for different battles. While you selecting the weapon you will see the info about the weapon on your right and you can see the damage value(DMG), Rounds per minute(RPM) and lastly the Magazine hold(MAG). Below you will have a graph about your weapon

  • Accuracy – Impact of the Fire
  • Reload Speed – How fast it reloads
  • Range – Max Distance before the weapon is no longer effective(Optimal Damage)
  • Stability – How hard is your weapon to control(Firing)
  • Talents – Depends on the extra abilities on the weapons

Hint: To check you Optimal Damage of your weapon, Go to Character Page – Check for the currently equipped weapon you can see the Range will be displayed.

The Division Difference Dmg To Target Out Of Cover Song

Item Rarity Graph

The division difference dmg to target out of cover letter

Just like other RPG games, The Division has item rarity categorized in different colors. See the graph below to know which item is highlighted in which color. High-End Items have more talents attached to them along with potentially higher damage values.

  • White – Worn Items
  • Green – Standard
  • Blue – Specialist
  • Purple – Superior
  • Yellow/Orange – High-End

Defensive Gear

Let’s take a look on the Armor Slots, there are mostly defensive bonuses added to them like reduce the damage from the upcoming fire. The Backpack you carry shows how many items you can carry and show the capacity as well. These backpacks can also help you with extra bonuses like skill cool down reduction or skill power. Gloves can provide you with the critical hit chances from an assault rifle.

Primary Attributes

The Division Difference Dmg To Target Out Of Cover Letter

Gearing your character depends on you place your Primary Attributes. The Attributes are shown below each select for Primary DPS, Health, and Skill Power. Talking about the Primary DPS, they have the attribute of Firearms show how many damage each bullet deals while the Stamina increases your character’s health and lastly the Electronic improves the power of your different ability.

To know more click on the Ability Page and check out the listing for different attributes. For Gearing up properly you must purely focus on Stamina first, then the Firearms and lastly Electronics. If you have 40+ Armour on a chest isn’t worth it if you’re losing stamina and gain stability.

Modding Weapons

The Division Difference Dmg To Target Out Of Cover Photo

I agree every weapon has an awesomely great power, but if you want to evaluate the ability of these weapons then simply have a look at the DPS rating. Talking about the optimal conditions for the firing with SMGs with higher accuracy will have higher DPS rating, but must completely rely on that, focus on the Stability, Fire rate, damage, big magazines and so on.

The division difference dmg to target out of covers

Hint: Take every weapon in the Division and use it for a while to Evaluate as per your need. Every Player has his own Skills to Evaluate.

The Division Difference Dmg To Target Out Of Cover Crossword

Modes, on the Other hand, provides different bonuses to your weapon. For example AK-47 vs the ACR. If you use them you know there is a very strong vertical Straight climb from your fire for OCR while the AK move towards the vertical right in the sustained fire. So This explains you which modes you need in order to maintain the stability and range for every weapon. Hope you are now ready with the Gearing up and if you have any question then post them below in the comments section.