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Jul 30, 2019 Best Free Stop Motion Software for Linux: Heron Animation. Heron Animation is a free program that allows you to shoot a series of images from a connected webcam and gather every shot in actual time moving animation. The tool markets itself as an ideal one for newbies and experienced animators and is written using web technologies. Jul 02, 2009  I'm looking for some free software to create stop motion animation. Any body know of any? Got a tip for us? For stop motion, if you have a mac (all come with iLife?), all you need is a digital camera and a tripod. Free stop motion software. Sep 06, 2011  Stop Motion Studio: Check out the buzz. 'Stop-motion animation is a great way to bring toys and other objects to life — and learn the basics of filmmaking.' The New York Times 'Stop Motion Studio makes it easy to create your own stop-motion movies.' The Washington Post.

  1. Stop Motion Animation software, free download Mac 2017

Stop motion is the way of creating animation movies by way of physically manipulating the objects to appear it as it is moving. In this technique, the object is moved small increments between individually photographed frames, generating the illusion of movement when these separate series of frames are played in a continuous format. Most of the stop motion movies involve the figures or model, but it is not necessary as now the stop motion films can include using humans and other products as well. Stop motion us much similar to the object animation. If you are interested in creating stop motion movies or clips, then arrange a PC, digital computer, and a stop motion software, and you are on your way. The software listed below will make you able to do anything in your stop motion animation subject to your animation. Some of these have limited features and functions while some are capable in delivering an advanced level of functionalities. These will deliver you many ways to quickly go about shooting, editing and finalizing a stop motion short. Some of the programs listed below will make you able to go for even 3D animation and used them as a previsualization tool in the film production as well. Scroll down for the list of stop motion animation platform for the professional and advanced level of clay animation, stop motion animation, pixelation and cut out animation.


1. StopMojo

StopMojo is a cross-platform stop animation tool designed to assist the filmmakers in creating the stop motion animations. This software is capable of capturing program supporting capture of image files from various cameras and video capturing devices. The onion skinning system will make you able to get the overlay of previous frames. After the completion of the project, you can export the final movie into QuickTime and AVI video formats. The ultimate function of StopMojo is to make you able to create the stop motion movies in the best way. It is based on the system of capturing individual frames and create/edit exposure sheets for audio synchronization. For the information of the readers, StopMojo doesn’t support for the general video editing packing like Adobe Premiere and other related programs. It only provides the platform to capture stop motion scenes that you can then import into a video editing program to compile it into a movie. The features available in the recent version of the StopMojo are cross platform and available for all leading platforms, supports the standard video capture devices/webcams/video capture cards/DV Firewire cameras, live view previous frame overlay with adjustable alpha, grid overlay, a quick preview of captured frames, and much more. Some features of advanced editing, the creation of x-sheets, analysis of recorded audio/lip, and rotoscoping are missing in the StopMojo.


2. iKITMovie

iKITMovie is a high-tech stop motion software by using which you can easily create the Claymation and LEGO stop motion movies for the Windows system. By using this, you can create the stop motion and Claymation movies. The best about iKITMovie is that it is for both professionals and beginners. If you want to create animation movies but are not familiar with the way of doing this, then iKITMovie is a platform to start with. For the beginners, there is a proper guideline to stop motion for the beginners. iKITMovie is suitable for all ages and is very easy to use. It is ideas for making brickfilms, Claymation or any other type of cartoon animation or stops motion for that matter. iKITMovie is the name of the unique custom built sound engine that you will not find in other animation programs with thousands of sounds effects and background music tracks to go for creating high-quality animations. The latest version of iKITMovie now includes the green screen system as w4ell with a new level of creativity making you able to replace your backgrounds with still or moving images. The great selection of overlay features will allow you to add muzzle flashes, explosions, fire, smoke, snow and much more. That means there is no dependency on the external work as everything is integrated into the iKITMovie.


3. AnimatorHD

AnimatorHD is an ultra-modern and high-tech 3D stop animation platform for Windows operating systems only. In addition to 3D stop-motion animation, this program can also be used as a previsualization tool in the film production as well. Means you can say it a multifunctional stop animation platform. From a straightforward interface to easy navigation and best support for all projects, AnimatorHD is the name of a high-quality stop-motion platform by using which you can take the advantages of frame grabbing and time lapse animation on a single platform as well. It makes its developers and filmmakers able to create stereoscopic 3D movies by way of motion control system of this program. As we mentioned it already, filmmakers can use it for previsualization tool as well. For the better prosecution of the work the system supported by the AnimatorHD are digital still cameras (Canon, Nikon Live View), 35 mm and 16 mm cameras, all HD cams, Betacam SP/SDI, HDMI, DV, USB capture devices, webcams, VIVO graphics cards and all other type of analog sources. If talk about the features of the AnimatorHD then these are also outclassed and include 3D stereo live preview/playback, full support for Canon/Nikon Live View, advanced frames, AVI movie export, variants, multi-exposure and automatic bracketing for digital still cameras, multi-exposure for video feed, open project window, enhanced audio scope, etc.


4. CellSoft Take5

CellSoft Take5 is a simple to use and a highly affordable stop motion animation program for both individual and professional purposes. It is designed to assist both educational institutes and professional filmmakers in creating the professional stop animation movies. The process of creating animation start from capturing the images from any webcam or video cameras then instantly playing them as an animation. Now you can change the order and sequence of the frames. CellSoft Take5 is used for multiple purposes like producing the plasticine, stop motion films with clay, Lego figures and puppets. It can be used for making the cut-out, paper, sand and oil paint animations. The usage of CellSoft Take5 is not restricted to the education sector only; rather it can be used for workshops and animation studios and professional animators as a production tool. It is used by the filmmakers to create their favorite objects and figures come alive. Capture images from video cameras/webcam, edit the order and timing of scene, play and inspect the scene and in the end save the scene to disk. For the assistance of the users, CellSoft Take5 provide the options for manage media, capture media, edit scene and play scene. There is no cost of using the CellSoft Take5 at all. All you required to have a minimum computing knowledge to use this software. Using CellSoft Take5 is mostly about moving figures in front of a camera rather than working with computer.


Stop Motion Animation software, free download Mac 2017


5. Linux Stopmotion

Linux Stopmotion is a dedicated stop motion platform for the Linux operating system for creating the both stop motion animation and Claymation animation movies. Being an open source stop motion animation platform, Linux Stopmotion makes its users able to change the code of origin to create the stop motion animations in their own way. It will assist you to capture and edit the frames from your animation and export them as a single file. Capture, editing, and export are the three technical features of the Linux Stopmotion that further cascades into dozens of other features and functions. The exceptional about Linux Stopmotion is that it is said as the most flexible frame grabbers for Linux system, so it easily supports for the different export and capture tools. For the same reason, Linux Stopmotion is being used to experiment advanced grabbing. There are some limitations on using Linux Stopmotion. You are advised not to use Unity as a desktop environment in order to start with Linux Stopmotion. Some of the functions and features of the Linux Stopmotion are capture animation from any web cam, capture from both MiniDV & DSLR cameras, onion skinning system, import images from disk, time-lapse photography system, best editing systems, support for multiple scenes, frame editing, basic soundtrack, integration for GIMP for image processing, and export file to Cinelerra frame list.


6. FrameByFrame

FrameByFrame is a stop motion movie production software for the Mac OS X operating systems that will make you able to create the QuickTime movies from pictures that you have already taken from the webcam and cameras connected to your Mac device. There is an integrated iSight cameras system in the FrameByFrame. The easy to use and user friendly interface of FrameByFrame has made the stop motion movie production made easy. FrameByFrame will make you able to first stop animation in few seconds using any camera or webcam already connected to your PC. After creating the movie you can export it into QuickTime formats only. The native software system of FrameByFrame will keep the original pictures making you able to apply any post production you can imagine. The recent version of FrameByFrame contains more improved features that will make you able to produce proper movies for images of any resolution. That means you are no longer restricted to using 72 dpi images. In short, FrameByFrame has made the stop-motion animation making simply easy and simple.


7. Stop Motion Animator

Stop Motion Animator is an easy to use animation program that can be used to bring any animated characters to life with the minimal amount of work. This program is particularly designed for creating the stop motion animation. It is intended to work with any video for Windows PC compatible capture devices. Like web cameras, analog video cameras and digital video cameras. The camera can be connected to a computer that has a dedicated capture card or a USB port. For the information of the readers, Stop Motion Animator is not designed to work with scanners, digital still cameras, and other Twain devices. This program makes the users able to build stop-motion animations easily by recordings or grabbing, a single video frame from a video capture device. In order to give the user better control over animations, Stop Motion Animator also allows the users to do something impossible with film; like the user can play through all of the previously recorded frames before grabbing the next, the user can also jump sound between different frames to compare them before grabbing the next and on some computer systems, the live video from the camera can be superimposed over a previously captured frame. To make it easier to see the video input when lining up shots, the program allows the user to resize the video viewing windows to any size wanted, without altering the underlying capture resolution.


8. Frames

Frames is a multi-platform software that works as both stop-motion animation and digital storytelling software. Frames is designed for both professionals and beginners to create the stop motion animation, Claymation and digital storytelling in a very easy to use style. The best usage of Frames is in the education sector to reshape the designing and creative skills of the students. It will make you able to create the original cartoons. It will make you able to create yours memorable as it combines illustration and stop motion tools into an easy to use animation package. As it supports for almost all leading cameras, so it will be easy for you to capture images from webcams or any HD camera. You can even import the entire image folders from digital cameras or your PC as well. Frames is combined with the functions of the onion skin, time lapse and Chrome key making it simple for you to create stop motion animation. Multiple soundtracks, background music, sound effects and narration will make you able to create animated cartoons in a snap. The features enlisted at the Frames are group frames into scenes, match frame & audio duration’s system, Chroma key images, capture images with time lapse, illustrate your own characters, pan & zoom images, etc.


9. MonkeyJam

MonkeyJam is a multiplatform and multifunctional stop motion software for creating all kind of stop animation program. It will make you able to capture images from any camcorder, webcam or a scanner and then assemble them as separate frames to create the animation. Simply use the images of your PC or take the new one with the supported cameras and start creating the animations instantly. Means it is just like 1, 2 and 3. MonkeyJam aims to deliver the work based on pencil and paper and can also be used for stop motion animation. It is capable of doing all because of having several features to do so. Well, the stop motion animation created by you can be export as AVI format as well. Four main features of MonkeyJam are about X-sheet, capture, preview and stop motion mode. It will deliver you the exposure sheet driven interface, save and reload x-sheets, up to then levels of drawings and multi-language support. In term of supporting the cameras, MonkeyJam has a much featured rich compatibility. It will make you able to use any webcam, camera, firewire and VFW capture to capture the stop motion animation. It will also allow you to capture images as lossless PNG, BMP, and JPEG in black and white and color options.


10. Zu3D

Zu3D is a best in the class stop animation software specially designed for educating the children. The best place for using the Zu3D is the educational sector. It can also be used for commercial purposes but is not capable of handling the mega production projects. This easy to use stop motion software make its users able to create complete movies and learn the animation techniques in the step by step guideline system. Based on the fine mixture of powerful features and an intuitive interface, Zu3D is the name of an entertaining software. As it is for education purposes, Zu3D is complete with a library sound, music, artwork, and effects. The support for high-quality webcam will make you able to get a sturdy adjustable stand. The green screen system will provide fabric to create your own green studio. Check out some stunning features and functions of the Zu3D are works with any webcam that can be support by your PC< watch file at any time with instant playback system, dynamically adjustable frame rate, delete frames, full editing options, import music and sounds automatic Chroma-keying, time lapse and much more. In short it will deliver you all those features and functions that will make you able to create a stunning and professional level of the project.


11. Stop Motion Pro Eclipse

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is designed for the education sectors, animators and animation producers to create the stop motion animation in a more comprehensive and easy to use way. Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is not about capturing the frames of animation only but it has a proper audio scrubbing and Chroma key system as well. The current version of Stop Motion Pro Eclipse available for Windows PC only. Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is packed with the great features that are smooth playback at up to thirty frames/second, track & pan movement with markers, capture multiple frames with one click, customizable shortcuts, support for multiple cameras, audio recording while playing back animation, advanced project management tools, and thumbnail editor. Check out what you can do by using the Stop Motion Pro Eclipse; move puppets with precision, onion skinning system for better moving, assign voice to each character with lip sync tools, layer sound effects with dialogue or music while animated by way of multi-tack audio editor, fly the characters through the air with the rig removal tool and freedom to import images and videos into their animation. Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is an easy to use and very intuitive stop motion animation platform for both beginners and seasoned professional looking a platform to create stop motion movies.


12. qStopMotion

qStopMotion is a free platform for creating the free stop-motion animated movies. If you have the best idea and storyline, then qStopMotion will assist you in creating a perfect one stop-motion animation movie. The free version of qStopMotion is available for Windows operating systems. Various improvements have been made in the latest version of qStopMotion that are about a new style website, better camera control system, and native grabber. All these are going to make you able to develop the stop motions easily from your picture imported from hard drive or directly from camera and export in the animation style to different video formats. Currently, the formats supported by qStopMotion to create stop motion movies are MPEG and .AVI. The exceptional about qStopMotion is that it is integrated with all those items and tools that will reduce your dependency on the external tools as it has replaced all these with Qt functionality. qStopMotion is the best way to represent yourself in the form of a picture that is probably better than a thousand more words and a high-class movie. The interface of the qStopMotion is very straightforward containing very limited but basic options. These tools and options are about recording, camera, and camera. Anytime you can switch between recording and project.


13. Stop Motion Pro

Designed for the Windows PC only, Stop Motion Pro is the name of a stop motion animation platform for the professional and advanced level of clay animation, stop motion animation, pixelation and cut out animation. For its stunning features and functions, Stop Motion Pro is said to be a stop motion animation is a platform designed for handling the mega animation production projects. Well, it will surely do it for you. Just connect your webcam or any digital camera with the PC and start-stop motion animation. Don’t worry about the compatibility; all most all video and web cameras are compatible with the Stop Motion Pro. Dedicated ninjas, ceramic puppets, Wallace & Gromit, charcoal and paper and whatever you want to create, right here is the Stop Motion Pro making you able to get command and control to create even beyond these. Control focus, zoom system, exposure and a great selection for webcams, all will make you able to come with your cameras only and leave the rest on the Stop Motion Pro. As we know both webcams and cameras are ideal for starting with stop motion animation they are robust and easy to use and perfect for schools. If you are using a camera with face tracking function, then Stop Motion Pro will be a great help for you.


14. iStopMotion

iStopMotion is a dedicated stop motion platform for the Mac OS X operating systems for creating the both time lapse and stop motion animations. The latest version of iStopMotion support for the Nikon and Canon DSLRs that are said to be one of the most popular cameras for stop motion animation. Among a lot of features and functions, the best about iStopMotion is that it has a live preview with the semitransparent onion skinning effects that would make you able to check what your next step would look like before actually capturing the frame. By having a professional and ultra-modern DSLR, you can get the best stop motion. There is a live preview system in the iStopMotion for the selected Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras only. Some of the key features and functions of the iStopMotion are onion skinning, instant playback. Time-lapse system, flipbook printing, tilt-shift filter, Chrome keying, foregrounds, rotoscope, sound waveform, animated GIF, screen capture, sharing, iStopMotion Remote camera, editing and support for multiple cameras and much more. If you have not any professional camera then you can use the camera of your iDevices as well. That system of iStopMotion support for the remote camera system as well and transmit a live video feed via Wi-Fi and support for the high resolution capturing as well.


Sep 06,2019• Proven solutions

Stop motion animation is becoming more and more popular by the year, and it’s not surprising. This style of making animated films is done by taking objects, either dolls with joints or soft clay items, and manipulating them. The physical manipulations and changes are then photographed. Each photograph acts as a frame, and when you play the frames together quickly, it looks like the objects have been animated.

If you want to make this type of animation, then you want to find the best stop motion animation software that you can find. Some options out there are even free! In this article, we’re going to share the 8 best options for stop motion animation software, separating them by whether they are for Macs or PC.

The Best Stop Motion Animation Software for Mac


FilmoraPro is one of the most well-known options for stop motion animation and other types of filmmaking. This video making software has easy to use tools for any type of animation project that you may be sorting out. It also offers an option called keyframing, which helps your stop-motion animation to look a lot smoother. You can use this for free if you are okay with Filmora’s watermark. They have lifetime and yearly packages, too.

Best stop motion software mac


Dragonframe has been built especially for stop-motion animation, so it’s handy if that’s all that you plan on doing. If you’re looking to do any other type of filmmaking, you may want to consider some of the other options on this list. Dragonframe has a number of simple-to-use tools and has been used for top stop motion animation features like Kubo & The Two Strings and Isle of Dogs.

3.Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is, perhaps, the most versatile of all of these selections. It’s not just for Mac – you can also use it on your smartphone or your tablet if you’re editing on the go. The Stop Motion Studio does everything from helping you to take great pictures to make a live green screen while you’re out and about. There’s a free trial, and the prices are reasonable.

4.Boinx iStopMotion

iStopMotion from Boinx has everything that you need in order to learn how to do stop motion animation on your own. They have easy to use settings and many schools are using iStopMotion to teach their students about video editing because of its simple, yet complete, system. It’s got the most affordable licensing cost out of all of these choices, and they can work with you if you need to get multiple licenses for classrooms.

Best Stop Motion Animation Software for Windows

5. Eclipse - Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro has some of the top software in the world for making animated films of all types, and it’s easy to connect it to your webcam or digital camera. Not only can it make and edit videos, but, when you connect it to your camera, you can control angles, zoom, and more. It even has lip-syncing capabilities and a multi-track editor, which makes it easy to add music and voices.


Frames is an animation powerhouse when it comes to offering the necessary tools for every sort of animation. From traditional cartoons to stop-motion animation options, Frames has it all and it’s really easy to navigate and learn the software quickly. Frames have won a number of awards and is available in multiple languages. It does have a one-time licensing fee (which is fairly reasonable for what is included), so keep that in mind when you’re considering it as an option.


iKITMovie runs pretty well on Windows 7/8/10. It has more than 2000 music effects to use. You cna use HD quality image to start making stop motion video. You can also use green screen effects to unleash more imagination if you are an advacend users. The system requirement is low with only 2GB RAM. After making the stop motion animaion, directly upload it to YouTube.


MonkeyJam is an open-source, free option for people who are looking to dip their toe into stop-motion animation for the first time. While it doesn’t have quite as many features as what you may find in the other options we have in this article, you’ll find that it can be a great start for people that aren’t completely sure as to whether or not they want to dive head-first into it. It’s really easy to navigate and it takes next to no time to go from taking your pictures to putting together that first glance at your new and unique stop-motion animation.


Stop-motion animation is an art, and with all of the access we have to such technology via our computers, it really is a big deal to get started with all of it. That’s why you want to be sure that you look at everything in depth and see what you like. Determine which products are going to be best for your purposes and see why it makes such a big difference for you and everything that you want to accomplish in the long run.

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