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How to use Screen Sharing in Mac OS X. ('Invite to share my screen' puts your display on their desktop instead). Though the Screen Sharing app remains open. Choose Screen Sharing Quit. If you want to share your screen on Mac then it’s easy – either using the macOS screen sharing tool or via easy to use screen sharing apps. Macs already have a built-in screen sharing tool. Since OS X 10.4, Macs have a tool called Screen Sharing which makes it simple to screen share on a Mac.

Lg Screen Share App For Mac Free

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Messages User Guide

When you’re having a conversation with someone in Messages, you can share your screen with them, or they can share theirs with you. It’s a great way to work together on a project or help a friend do something on their computer.

Share a screen

  1. In the Messages app on your Mac, send a message to the person you want to share with, then click Details.

  2. Click the Screen Share button , then do one of the following.

    • Share your screen: Choose Invite to Share My Screen.

    • View your friend’s screen: Choose Ask to Share Screen.

    When the screen-sharing request is accepted, an audio call begins automatically (so you can talk while you work) and the Screen Sharing app opens. For information about using the Screen Sharing app, see Share the screen of another Mac.

  3. To stop screen sharing, do one of the following:

    • If you’re sharing your screen: Click in the menu bar, then choose End Screen Sharing. (If you’re not ready to stop yet, choose Pause Screen Sharing; choose it again to resume sharing.)

    • If you’re viewing your friend’s screen: Choose Screen Sharing > Quit Screen Sharing.

Tip: Don’t want someone to send you screen-sharing invitations? When you receive an invitation from them, hold the pointer over the Decline button, click , then click Block.

If you can’t share a screen

In the Messages app on your Mac, if the Screen Share button is dimmed, try the following:

  • Make sure the person youʼre trying to share with is signed in to iCloud using the same Apple ID they used to sign in to Messages.

  • If they can’t sign in to iCloud and Messages using the same Apple ID, open your Contacts app, and make sure your contact card for the person includes both Apple IDs—the one they use to sign in to iCloud, and the one they use in Messages. Then try sharing again. (See Create a contact card.)

Tip: You can also share screens without using the Messages app, using macOS screen sharing. See Turn Mac screen sharing on or off.

Allow someone to control your screen

When you share your screen with someone, you can also allow them to control your screen, which gives them complete access to your computer.

Share Mac Screen On Tv

WARNING: Only allow people you trust to control your screen. They can do anything you can do on your computer—open apps, create or delete documents, copy files from your computer to theirs, and so on.

On your Mac, do one of the following:

  • If you received an invitation to share your screen: Click Accept in the invitation. A message asks if you want to let the other person control your screen, or just observe it. Select “Control my screen,” then click Accept.

  • If you want to initiate screen sharing: Invite your friend to share their screen. After they accept, click in the menu bar, then choose “Allow [name] to control my screen” so there’s a checkmark next to it.

To take back control of your screen—but still let the other person view it—click in the menu bar, then choose “Allow [name] to control my screen” to remove the checkmark.

If you donʼt give someone screen control, they can still click to highlight areas on your screen.

People always ask me what I use for screen sharing. My answer: Screen Sharing. As in, “Screen Sharing.app,” which is built in to your mac. And guess what:

I’ll take it a step further:

Screen Sharing.app is the best screen sharing application around. You should use it if you can.

“But wait,” you say, “I don’t have it on my Mac. I’ve looked in my Applications folder and it doesn’t show up in Spotlight search.”

You have it! And you’re right: not only is it not where you expect it to be, but it doesn’t show up in Spotlight.

Where is Screen Sharing.app on my Mac?


It’s here: /System/Library/Core Services/Screen Sharing.app


  • Highest quality screen sharing experience
  • Fastest screen sharing experience
  • Both host and remote can control the screen
  • CMD+TAB changes the app on host machine
  • Based on VNC but waaaaayyyyy faster so Linux and Windows VNC users can connect to
  • Has observer-only mode if you want that
  • Clipboard syncing between remote/host


  • Requires a direct connection to host machine: VPN, IP Address, etc.
    • That means firewalls might block it.
  • Can be slow with slower internet connections

Lg Screen Share App For Mac Download

There are two ways:

Double-Click It

  • Go go Macintosh HD => System => Library => Core Services
  • Double-click on Screen Sharing.app
  • Enter the URL or IP address of the host machine

GO to it

  • Finder => Go => Connect To Server
  • Enter vnc://address.of.host.machine.example.com
  • Bonus: save the addresses by clicking the + button!

Screen Share Iphone To Lg Smart Tv

Now that I’ve convinced you to use Screen Sharing.app to remote pair, you need to allow screen sharing connections to your Mac in order to host:

  • System Preferences => Sharing
  • Screen Sharing: check it!
    • Note: The vnc://x.x.x.x address is the IP address on your local network people can use to connect to your machine. VPN users can likely use this address.