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Aspect of the Dragons ( 225 dmg, 100 strength ) - Currently the best weapon in the game along with Pigman Sword. It does lots of damage but it's ability does knockback :/. Still a good sword though.
Pigman Sword( 200 dmg, 100 strength ) - Does slightly less damage than AOTD, but its ability is very good because it does more than a 1000 dmg and can hit multiple targets.
Leaping Sword( 150 dmg, 100 strength ) - It can one or two shot Zealots. It's ability is pretty decent and it is easier to get than Pigman Sword.
Aspect of The End( 100 dmg, 100 strength ) - The most overused weapon in the game, and it's not hard to see why. It is very easy to craft and does a good amount of damage. It's ability is also very useful.
Magma Bow ( 100 dmg, 100 strength ) - Its ability is pretty useless but in terms of damage this Bow is amazing. Definitely an A tier.
Runaan's Bow ( 160 dmg, 50 strength ) - No doubt the best Bow in the game. It is amazing when fighting Ender dragons. Use this if you want to have a chance to get dragon loot.
50 mil Midas Sword(270 dmg, 120 strength ) - This weapons deals the most damage in the game, but you need to max out your bank to get it so I would not recommend getting it.

Zombie Sword( 100 dmg, 50 strength ) - The best mid game weapon, It does 2 times the damage of the Ember Rod and it's ability is one of the most useful in the game.
Hurricane Bow( 120 dmg, 50 strength ) - Very good at taking out multiple targets as it shoots five arrows at a time. This Bow can one shot anything in the Deep Caverns. It is super bad against dragons though.
Explosive Bow( 100 dmg, 20 strength ) - This Bow is awesome. It does lots of damage and it's ability is super fun and useful. The explosion damage does the full damage of the Bow which is why this Bow is so good.
Golem Sword( 80 dmg, 125 strength ) - This weapon is very easy to craft. This sword gives you a whopping 125 strength. It's ability is also very cool.
Emerald Blade ( 130 dmg ) - It gives no strength and you also need to be carrying money for it to deal more damage. Not the best weapon.
Midas Sword ( 150 dmg ) - This is pretty much an Emerald Blade with 20 more damage and no abilities or strength.

End Stone Sword( 50 dmg, 50 strength ) - It does a decent amount of damage but not enough if you want to survive in the end. It's ability costs all your mana which could have been used for other abilities.
Silver Fang( 100 dmg ) - Best early game weapon. It might be hard to get in the collection but it is super cheap in the auction house (Ranging around 1k-10k). It is a decent and simple weapon that you can use until you get a better weapon.
Savanna Bow( 50 dmg ) - Pretty good early game Bow. It is simple and does a decent amount of damage.
End Stone Bow( 140 dmg ) - Like the End Stone Sword, in terms of raw damage it is pretty nice but this Bow wastes your mana.
Undead Sword( 30 dmg ) - Great in the Obsidian Sanctuary as it can one shot mobs there. Not great in other places.
Ember Rod ( 80 dmg, 35 strength ) - This weapon is overrated and overhyped. It is very hard to get and does only slightly more damage than the Silver Fang. Also you can shoot fireballs. gg.
Cleaver ( 40 dmg, 10 strength ) - Great starter weapon as it does AOE damage. I know there is a cleave enchant but this weapon is still good. If it is maxed out it can deal pretty decent damage. I used this weapon in my early game.
Prismarine Blade ( 50 dmg, 25 strength ) - Gives quite a decent amount of strength for an early game weapon. Also great for dealing damage in water.
Slime Bow ( 100 dmg ) - Very expensive to craft. This Bow is trash. You can just put Cubism on your Bow.


End Sword ( 35 dmg ) - There is an enchant called 'Ender Slayer' in Skyblock and can be used with Sharpness. This sword is pointless.
Prismarine Bow ( 50 dmg, 25 strength ) - Deals 300 percent more damage to squids and guardians. These mobs are super weak and you can just use your sword to one or two shot them.

Spider Sword ( 30 dmg ) - Arthropods are not common in Skyblock, the only place that this would be useful in is the Spider's Den. An Undead Sword would be better.
Flaming Sword ( 50 dmg ) - You can lit enemies on fire for 3 seconds. gg.
Wither Bow ( 30 dmg ) - Why would you waste 250 coins to buy this garbage.
Ender Bow ( 60 dmg ) - This is basically a normal bow which does 2 times more damage. You also can teleport and deal an abysmall 10 percent damage of the targets health.

How To Get Minecraft Hypixel On Pc

Pigman sword, which is comparable in dmg, costs around 3x more - under 3 mil (1.5m for wood + 1.4m) for tact, and 10m ish for pigman. So now let’s compare it to leaping, which costs basically exactly the same. Leaping = 150 dmg, 100 str, 20(?) crit dmg. And tact (maxed) = 210 dmg, 100 str 20 crit CHANCE. Dec 03, 2019  tacticians sword = 230 dmg, 120 str (10x hot potato books) the spicy reforge has a dif of 2 str and 18 crit dmg. BUT tacticians sword has 20% crit chance. If you reforge on ur talismans to get -20% less crit chance, u can have WAY MORE than 2 str and 32 crit dmg. Which would probs outdmg the aotd. Maybe not xd have a good day. Mar 06, 2020  Sword damage has now been reduced to make way for enchanting. A diamond sword's damage has now been reduced from 10 to 7, iron has now been reduced to 6 and stone has now been reduced to 5. Iron swords are now found in the new stronghold altar chests. Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4: Swords can now be enchanted in the enchantment table. Jun 14, 2019 How to Get a GOD Sword in 3 Minutes (Hypixel Skyblock) EnZeo. Unsubscribe from EnZeo? Grian Recommended for you. Hypixel SkyBlock experience grinding guide.