How Much Dmg Does Tracer's Pulse Bom Do

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  1. How Much Damage Does Tracers Pulse Bomb Do
  2. How Much Dmg Does Tracers Pulse Bom Do Dia

Tracer is a popular Overwatch character that has fast movement, dual automatic pistols, and the ability to go back in time. Her popularity probably increased over the whole pose fiasco, but she was always a central character to showcase the game.

She is an offense character that favors hit and run tactics while making herself hard to hit. Since you have to be careful how you engage enemies, it can take some time to get used to her. I'll help you get started by explaining how she works and give some tips on playing Tracer.

This guide will cover everything about the hero Tracer in Overwatch including:

  • Tracer Basic Info - A little of Tracer's background and descriptions of her abilities.
  • Tracer Combat Tips - Tips for using Tracer effectively.

Tracer Basic Info

Tracer is a former Overwatch agent who had an accident in an experimental teleporting fighter plane. This caused her to randomly vanish into different times, until Winston designed the device on her chest plate to keep her in the present. This also allows her to control time by teleporting short distances and going back short periods in time.


  • Pulse Pistols - Her main weapons are fully automatic, but run out of ammo quick.
  • Recall - Travel back in time to a previous location with health and ammo exactly where it was.

How Much Damage Does Tracers Pulse Bomb Do

  • Blink - Teleport a short distance in the direction you are moving. It has 3 charges and recharges every few seconds.
  • (Ultimate Ability) Pulse Bomb - Throw out a powerful sticky explosive.

Tracer Combat Tips

Tracer is an offense character, so her job is deal damage and defeat enemies. Her abilities involve controlling time and can easily let her escape a dangerous situation or get behind enemy lines.

  • You need good aim
    • Tracer shoots very fast and has to reload quickly. You need to be able to hit with nearly all her shots to be good with her.
  • Use Blink and Recall to scout the enemy
    • Blink and Recall can be used several ways, but I like using it to scout the most. Just rush in by using blink to see where the enemy is, then recall out of there and go back to your team.
  • Always try to stick people with the Pulse Bomb
    • The Pulse bomb does explode in an area, but sticking someone with it is a sure kill. Plus, you could get that enemy's nearby teammates for a multi-kill.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics
    • Tracer has a mere 150 health, so she can die very fast. She makes up for it with her speed, teleporting, and recall.
    • Moving around constantly, focusing fire in short bursts until you reload, and escaping when you are in danger is how you must play Tracer to be the most effective.
  • Use Blink to confuse people
    • Since you blink in the direction you are moving, you can go side to side and backwards if you want.
    • This can be used to to go to one spot, then right back to where you were or a new spot altogether, which makes it very hard for the enemy to track you down.
  • Pulse Bomb is useful for more than just kills
    • Blow up turrets, blow up teleporters, make people move out of an area or to a spot that makes them easy targets for your teammates. All of this can turn the tide of battle and you don;t even need to kill anyone with it.
  • Master the art of Recall
    • Recall can save your life, so learn the best times to use it.
    • Be sure you always have an escape plan for Recall. You don't want to end up with a fail and Recall right back into danger!

How Much Dmg Does Tracers Pulse Bom Do Dia

That wraps up my Tracer Info and Tips for Overwatch. Let me know if you have any questions!