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Mac os 10.3 Free Download,Mac os 10.3 Software Collection Download. Symantec Uninstaller 10.2 Uninstaller for mac OS X 10.3.: Download now: Size: 279KB License: Freeware Price: Free By: Symantec Corp. Mac OS X Combined Update 10.3.9 Delivers improved compatibility and reliability for. MacOS X 10.0 is the first full, official version that is really recognizable as Modern MacOS X. Installation instructions. Installation notes: This version of Mac OS X is for PowerPC.x86 emulators like VirtualBox, VMWare or Virtual PC will not work. Dec 21, 2017  The latest version of Xcode is 11.3 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for RSS in the Internet Tools category. The app is developed by Apple Inc. And its user rating is 3.9 out of 5.

AOL, known also as American Online, is one of the most popular global internet and media companies. Through their service, users from all around the world can search, watch, and share millions of videos, like music and entertainment videos, news videos, or even movies. But unfortunately, AOL doesn't allow people to download these videos. Lucky for you, downloading AOL videos is not impossible, and we will show you here how to download videos from AOL in the fastest and easiest way.

Part 1. Best Tool to Download Videos from AOL

iTube Studio - The Best AOL Downloader

To download AOL videos, you can use a powerful yet easy video download tool - iTube Studio for Mac, which works well with Windows operating system, including Windows 10.). This program is the perfect combination of video downloader, video player, and even video conversion tool.

Why Choose This AOL Downloader Software:

  • Download not only videos from AOL, but also from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, VEVO, and many other websites, directly on your Mac
  • Detect automatically the videos you are playing on
  • Convert videos to MP3 files, and many other formats. It downloads your videos at the best quality possible, and you can also export them automatically to iTunes.
  • With only one button, you can download any AOL video directly to your Mac (EL Capitan included).

Part 2. How to Download an AOL Video to Your Mac

Launch iTube Studio for Mac installer and a wizard will guide you through the setup process. iTube Studio for Mac will automatically launch when installation finished. (For Windows users, please download and install iTube Studio for Windows and then follow the same tutorial below.)

What You Will Need:

A Computer;
iTube Studio for Mac

Time Required:

Around 3 mins (Variable depending on the video file size)

Step 1. Download AOL video in Your Browser

Launch your favorite browser and go to AOL website. Search and play any video you like. iTube Studio for Mac will detect it automatically. You can start downloading the video by pressing the Download button that appeared on the top left corner of the video. Or drag the URL to this program's dock icon to start downloading. You also can copy the video URL and then click the Paste URL button.

Note: This smart app supports batch downloading. You can let it run background as long as you keep the AOL video pages open.

Step 2. Convert the Downloaded Veoh Videos (Optional)

When the download is finished, you can play the videos in the built-in player. Go to this program's Downloaded tab and you will find the downloaded AOL videos. Double click it for playback using the build-in player. You can also start organizing them or converting them, according to you needs.

To convert a video, you can check the video list in 'Download' and 'Record' tab. On the right side of the video list, you will see a 'Add to Convert List' ion. You can click the icon to add the video to the 'Convert' tab for video format conversion. In the 'Convert' tab, click on the “Convert” or 'Convert All' button, and you will get a pop-up window with output format options.

Note: If you have many FLV/MP4 videos on Mac, you can go to the File menu and choose Import to add video to the library for management.

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How To Manually Uninstall/Reinstall AOL
If you are able to get online, download this new copy of AOL For Mac OS X, and save to Desktop.
Or download a copy of the AOL® Client from Macintosh Downloads - AOL Downloads, and save to Desktop.
If you can't get Online or Download, you can use an AOL CD. Even the AOL 9.0 Security Edition and AOL 9.0 Optimized, have an installer for OS X.
If you do use a CD, on completion of the install, check to make sure you have installed AOL For Mac Version 10.3.7 (Revision 4136.3.xx (US)). At this time: March 1, 2006.
The xx will be numbers, that represent the origin of the software, CD or downland. They are inconsequential.
If the installed AOL, has a lower Version number, use AolAOL KeywordUpgrade, to get the most recently released version.
Ready? Let's Begin!
Go to System Preferences > Network and write down or take screen shots of the preferences you have set. Depending on how you connect, you may have to reset some custom options later. Download
Sign off & Quit AOL and all other applications.
Just to be on the safe side, pull the files/folders listed below, into a newly created Folder on your Desktop, named something like Saved AOL Files, for safe keeping.
These files are located HD > Users > Shared > America Online ( HERE)
Your Address Book
All of your Contacts files
All of your Favorites files
All of your Filing Cabinets files
If present, put the files & folders I have listed below, in the Trash. Some may not be found, on your system.
If you prefer, you can create a new folder on your Desktop, named something like AOL Trash Folder, and deposit the files there, temporarily.
If you follow these directions EXACTLY, and trash ONLY the listed files & folders, that shouldn't be necessary.
The PATHS are in all CAPITALS, and the files/folders are listed under the path.
PATH & File or Folder: will not be repeated in the list. It shows in the first entry as an example.
File or Folder: AOL or America Online (Application)
Install AOL For Mac OS X (Application) It's an old one, but you may want to keep this in case of an emergency. This is one that may not be present.
America Online (Folder)
America Online (Folder) If Present
Cookies.plist (File)

Download Aol For Mac Os X 10.3 7 Download

AOL.crash.log (File) (You may want to keep this one for future reference)
America Online (Folder) (File)
AOL for OS X Backup Installer (Application)
Although you may have to reset some of your connection preferences, for other browsers, to ensure there are no AOL prefs lurking about, trash these files, if present:
HD > USERS > HOME > LIBRARY > PREFERENCES > (File) (File) (File)
Empty the Trash
Repair Permissions. At this point, it wouldn't hurt to restart, and Repair Permissions again.
After that, reinstall AOL from the new Installer on the Desktop.
Follow the prompts of the AOL Installer.
Just make sure, when asked if you have an existing AOL account, that you would like to use, say Yes.
This should ensure that your Address Book, Favorites, Contacts, and Filing Cabinets will be preserved.
After you have successfully installed, sign off & quit AOL.
Repair Permissions yet again.
Now reset the options in System Preferences > Network. Instructions below.
I can only show you, how I have mine set, using the Apple Internal Modem with Dial-Up, on an iMac G3 running Panther 10.3.x.

Download Aol For Mac Os X 10.3 7 1

This is where you can refer to the screenshots, or notes you took, to set a configuration that works for your system.
NETWORK/INTERNET SYSTEM PREFERENCES (Apple Internal Modem Using Dial-Up) Adjustments may be necessary for different Mac models, systems, and connection method.
While AOL is not loaded, go to:
System Preferences > Network > Location: Select Automatic
Show: Select Internal Modem Or however you connect
On the PPP screen, click PPP Options. Check ONLY
Disconnect when user logs off
On the TCP/IP screen, Configure using IPv4: Select Using PPP
On the Modem screen, Select your modem from the list. I'm using an iMac (Summer 2001), and I have Apple Internal 56K Modem (v.90) selected.
Check Enable error correction and compression in modem
Wait for dial tone before dialing
Show modem status in menubar This one isn't necessary, I just like it there!
Also select your Country.
Then, Location: Automatic

Download Aol For Mac Os X 10.3 7 Free

Show: Network Port Configurations
Make sure Internal Modem, or however you connect, is checked and at the top of the window.
Click Apply Now

Download Mac Os X 10.3

at the bottom of the screen.
After you have those configured, load AOL & sign on.
The windows will take a bit longer to load. Don't panic, this is normal. The Art Database is being recreated.
Reset any custom AOL Preferences.

Download Aol For Mac Os X 10.3 7 Download

Check your Address Book, Favorites, Contacts, and Filing Cabinets.
If any of them are not correct, after signing off & quitting AOL again, you can swap the old files in the folder Saved AOL Files, that is on your Desktop, with the new ones. Refer to the same PATH listed earlier. Put the new ones in the trash. Move the old ones individually, to replace the ones that are now in the Trash. Don't empty the Trash until you are sure things look hunky-dory. If so, the now empty folder

Download Aol For Mac Os X 10.3 7 10

Saved AOL Files, can be trashed.
If you don't need to swap those files, the folder Saved AOL Files, can be trashed.
Piece A Cake!!
Seriously, it's not as complicated as it looks!
Good Luck!
ali b
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