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  3. THERE IS MUCH VIOLENCE IN THE FIRST CHAPTER or so. The uncut versionhas a rape scene. Check out the following URL for Uncut Yu-Gi-Oh X!http/ Other than that, email me comments. I am also looking for beta readers, so if you wish to help out, lemme Readers: Dekka-Chan, Janni Manic. ON WITH THE STORY! Chapter 01: 'Return of the King'.

R/yugioh: The subreddit for players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game, video games, or fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime series or manga. This is chapter 12 of Dark Magician Girl Struggles with Yugioh, a series of comics originally by cahf. Also damn poor DMG, this combo could have been avoided with veiler.

'Yu-Gi-Oh X'
written by Shayne Thames and Kathryn Shiver

Yu-Gi-Oh and related characters and indica © 1996 - 2005 Kazuki Takahashi

Author's Note: Hello everyone out there in Yu-Gi-Oh Fandom! Most of
y'all dunno me, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Sonic Remix, and this
is my FIRST REAL YGO fanfic I wrote alongside my best friend Gryph
Coppertail, AKA Kathryn Shiver. Though I have written fanfics for
YEARS, it was mainly under the Sonic the Hedgehog banner. (Anyone
interested in my other works, I recommend my highly acclaimed 'The
Sonic Adventurers'). Much like some of my past works, we wrote this
following the footsteps of the series that ended in Japan. And, I'm
sorry, but GX looks like crap. I have NEVER cared for any series
continuation that went WITHOUT the orginal characters. So we wrote
our own continuation, but it is VERY AU, so PLEASE don't hold me to
the series canon. If you didn't get the warning before, I'll say it
now, THIS IS A YAOI FIC! YUGI x YAMI! Don't make me have to rip your
face out if you flame me about it being yaoi, I CAN sic an entire
community on anyone that crosses me in that manner. Second warning:
THERE IS MUCH VIOLENCE IN THE FIRST CHAPTER or so. The uncut versionhas a rape scene. Check out the following URL for Uncut Yu-Gi-Oh X!http/ Other than that, email me comments. I am also looking for beta
readers, so if you wish to help out, lemme Readers: Dekka-Chan, Janni Manic


Chapter 01: 'Return of the King'

It had been months since Yami and company of the past had their
spirits finally settled. In a final great duel, they were sent home to
the spirit world. The millennium items were dispersed around the world,
useless now except to be displayed in museums around the world.
Everything seemed to be at peace, except for the heart of one teen, who
now had a big gaping hole in his chest. He knew the spirit of the
puzzle had to go or risk being lost to time forever, but it was still
the hardest, to say goodbye. Having kept the box the puzzle was in, the
small teen hadn't touched his duel cards since Yami had left, it didn't
feel the same anymore to him

One day it started. It began with the first news report on TV of
the millennium scales being stolen from one of the museums in Egypt.

Yugi was startled at hearing of the news, before he scrambled
over to the phone, wanting to call the local museum to make sure the
puzzle he donated was still there. The museum assured Yugi not to panic
and that security measures are to be taken to keep the puzzle safe from
thieves. Relived, he gave him his thanks before he went back to watch
the news.

Days went by and more news reports trickled in. Reports of the
key being stolen from China, the Eye from Russia, the Ring from
England, the rod from Australia, and the necklace from America. Yugi
was truly fearful of the puzzle being stolen as well, so he went to the
museum to make sure it was still there.

The museum was crowded that day. It seemed he wasn't the only one
to check to see if it was safe. The paparazzi seemed to hone in on the
story and everyone was gathered in on a press conference while the
museum curator was assuring at all measures would be taken to keep the
puzzle safe from harm. The small teen was tempted to ask to have the
puzzle back, having given it to the museum when the pain of his loss
became too much to handle.

As he wandered through the museum, his name was called from
behind. 'Yugi!'

Amethyst eyes blinked at the sound of his name before he looked
behind him. Standing there seemed to be the reunion of all who
possessed the items in their time. Shadi, Isis, Malik, Ryou, Pegasus.
His eyes softened at seeing them. 'Came to check on the puzzle?'

Isis nodded. 'Whoever they are, they're not just some collector.
I got a good feeling they're gonna try to start something, and we need
to be on our guard.'

Yugi glanced in the direction of the puzzle. 'I think its time I
asked for it back...'

There was a sudden rumble and the lights knocked out as the place
shook, shattering the windows and glass. Terrified now the small teen
ran over to Shadi, not wanting to be standing by himself anymore. There
was a cold wind that blasted by and Isis shuttered. 'Something from the
Underworld is on this plane of existence!'

Amethyst eyes went wide now. 'The puzzle!' Panting now he pulled
away from Shadi and raced for where the puzzle is kept.

Before Yugi could grab it, it was snatched up by a dark mist.
Along with Yugi himself. The others shouted. 'YUGI!'

Dmg struggles with yugioh 20 2017

Crying out in fear now he struggled wildly to get loose. He was
whisked away outside and high into the air, seeming to travel very
fast. Total terror washed over him now, curling up into a frightened

He was taken to some kind of temple, where he was dropped into
some kind of bed in a small room. Automatically the youngster started
to scramble away.

The room was small and the doors seemed to be locked. The dark
force seemed to accumulate into a dark jackal-like creature. The figure
of Anubus. Scared amethyst eyes looked at the creature in fear.

'You are the former host of the great king, are you not?' he
spoke with a growl in his voice.

Very slowly he nodded at the question, edging away slowly.

In a burst of dark speed, the creature grabbed Yugi and tore away
his clothing with large clawed paws. A scream of surprise and fear
escaped Yugi before trying to get away. Claws raked across the skin of
his arm, a controlling poison scraping into his wound to make him easy
to control and use.

Yugi cried out in pain, and scrambled away quickly, clutching at
the wound. The poison traveled into his system, weakening him and
forcing his mind to disconnect control from his body, to make it
responsive to the creature before him. After a few minutes, dazed eyes
blinked, and stopped trying to get away from the creature.

'Much better. After all, you must be controllable before the
ceremony can begin...but to make sure the poison takes deeper effect-'
He pushed Yugi back onto the bed, the creature crawling over him.

Slow panic gripped Yugi's mind as he fell over backwards, fear
showing within his eyes at the creature.

Soon, Yugi had fallen silent, tears of shame running down his face as
he cried. Anubis withdrew from the body and gave him a few moments for
the effects of his poison to take hold and calm the boy down.
Hiccupping for a few minutes he did calm, and no more tears came.
Anubus smirked. 'Come, little one. Follow me.'

Slowly Yugi got up off the bed, and pain ran up his spine as he
wordlessly obeyed. Anubus led him to the main part of the temple, and
had to him to sit on an alter. To quell and silence the little one into
further submission, he calmed him by placing his treasured puzzle about
his neck. The feel of the puzzle around his neck did calm Yugi
completly, and he kept his head lowered as he felt very low.

The other items, apparently the ones that had been stolen from
around the world, were placed about his neck; the ring, the necklace,
and the key. Despite the additions, they didn't feel to add any weight
to his chest.

The tears continued to trail down Yugi's face, not noticing what
was going on around him anymore. Anubus lifted the boy's head looking
straight into his eyes. 'This next part will only hurt for a minute,
but the pain will quickly go away.'

Amethyst eyes couldn't even see the creature for a moment before
he slowly got them to focus.

One eyelid, the left one, was held open and the millennium eye
was brought up to it and began to press in against his real eye. A dark
magic began to burn away the innocent violet orb beneath it as the
golden one was pressed in.

Yugi cried out in pain, struggling to get away as the feel of
pain overrode the temporary submissiveness. Anubus held onto him
tightly, pushing the eye all the way in before letting go, the pain
began to ebb away.


The teen sobbed in horrible pain, and he whimpered, trying to
curl up as blood matted up around his bangs on that side of his face.
It took a good 10 minutes before the venom grasped to retake his mind
and body, shaking off the pan that ebbed away by dark magic. Slowly he
relaxed again, and the sobs died away.

Anubus then had Yugi to hold the millennium rod in one hand, and
the scales in the other hand, completing the setup as he had Yugi to
sit up.

Yugi was no longer himself, having fallen deeply into depression
while the controlling venom had him in its grasp.

Then, the creature began the spell, chanting in Egyptian, the
items began to glow in a dark power and drawing upon Yugi's body to
call forth an ancient power directly from the Underworld. The small
distressed teen was shifting uneasily now at the feel of darkness
pulling at him. At the peak of the power surge, it felt like it just
bursted from his body, powerful enough to finally shatter the effects
of the venom as a dark mass hovered before Yugi. A cry of pain escaped
before his remaining eyed fluttered closed, slumping over to

It was a growling sound that pulled Yugi from the depth of
unconsciousness. Very slowly he opened his single eye, his brain
struggling to wake up.

Standing before him, chained to the floor, was a figure in black

It was Yami.

But there was something VERY wrong. His eyes were dilated and
crazed like a wild animal looking to attack someone, and he was
growling. It was like his soul had been perverted from being called up
from the underworld. He had been called out by black magic, and it
twisted him into something VERY far from the Yami that Yugi once knew.
Terror stabbed at Yugi's heart, and he fell off the offer, kicked at
the floor to get away from the growling, crazed spirit; Yugi felt as if
he was in a nightmare.

Anubis laughed as he spoke to Yami in Egyptian tongue. Yami's
response was slow, laced with a black power that echoed alongside his
own voice. All Egyptian. Yugi found a place to hide and curled up,
shaking in terror as he couldn't understand a single word being spoken.

There was a sudden moment where Yami yelled out, struggling
against the chains, like he was trying to fight himself. Startled, a
single frightened amethyst eye looked up from the smaller one; he was
so confused and scared that he couldn't think at all.

Yami fell to his knees, exhausted and limp. Anubus laughed and
walked towards Yugi, intent to gather up his prized possessions.
Frightened out of his mind, he lifted his hands to protect himself,
when a sudden surge of power burst forth, knocking Anubus back.

He growled, cursing. 'DAMMIT, the poison wore off, I can't get
NEAR him anymore!' Even with all the powers that he had, he could not
fight the teen the wielded the 7 millennium items. He needed a new
plan, and immediately retreated from the room, leaving the two alone to
themselves. Very slowly, Yugi inched closer to where Yami was held at,
clearly ready to bolt at a moment's notice. He didn't understand what
happened, but he knew he had to help Yami somehow.

Eyes turned at Yugi, and Yami growled and struggled against the
chains. He couldn't see a damn, only knowing someone was there, bearing
all 7 items. His mind was clouded by overwhelming darkness and he
wanted to rip apart the idiot that raised him from the dead using black

Yugi found it hard to remain on his feet, and he stumbled for a
moment before falling down, ripping off all the items he could, save
for the puzzle, and was struggling to get the blasted eye out. He
didn't want that abomination in it, even though there was nothing left
to save. It took a few moments before it came out with a sickening
plop, leaving the poor boy with only one eye to see. The renewed pain
made the boy fall even more into despair and depression, sitting just
within reach of Yami's chains.

The twisted soul continued to growl, glaring at Yugi through
dark-blinded eyes. Yugi glanced over slowly at the growling Yami, the
remaining eye full of hurt, despair, and hopelessness. Though unable to
see, Yami stopped for a moment. He felt something trying to pierce the
darkness of his mind, but he wasn't sure what.

Yugi fell into overwhelming despair and lowered his head, crying.

Yami finally stopped, peering to try and focus on the figure
before him. His head cocked to one side and he struggled, trying to
recognize the figure before him. He heard the crying. It sounded
familiar, striking pain into his wrenching heart.

Yugi was more or less lost to the world, no longer paying it any

Without any further help from the little one, the dark one
resumed growling and struggling against the chains. He didn't want to
be here!

Yugi shivered badly, and arms wrapped around himself in an effort
to get warm. The blood loss was starting to make his head swim as his
arm and head and lower region throbbed with pain, and he had nothing to
cover his bare form. Yami continued to struggle against the chains,
lost to the darkness. He needed help badly to escape the shadows. Yugi
heard Yami's chains rattle and immediately flung himself at Yami,
needing comfort more than anything in the world right now.

Yami stopped the moment that Yugi touched him, like something
inside had shocked him. Slowly Yugi curled up against the other,
shivering with cold. Yami trembled, dilated eyes searching the darkness
franticly as he reached out to touch whoever was there. He called out
in a strained whisper. ''

'Yami...?' came the faint call from the despairing Yugi.

Hands clumsily patted out to feel at the little one's face,
studying it, trying to remember. 'Help me...' It came out as a small,
uncharacteristic whimper.

Yugi flinched at the feel of Yami's hand over the missing eye,
breaking down into tears as he crawled into the other's lap, wanting
desperately to be held and told it was going to be alright. Yami felt
the little one crawl into his lap, and instinctively arms wrapped
around the body. 'I can't see...make the darkness go away...'

Yugi sniffled and began to calm down, nuzzling into Yami's chest
like he did in the past. He was there, that's all that mattered. Yami
took a deep breath, calming down, the close contact working a bit as he
pulled Yugi much closer. 'Something...familiar...much comfort...the
darkness fading...'

A small hiccup escaped the teen, curling up a bit as a very faint
purr of trust started to emerge from his throat.

'Wait...starting to see, memories coming-' And like that, the
darkness was gone, the real Yami emerging from the darkness. He looked
around, a bit confused.

Yugi had nearly fallen to sleep, just being in Yami's arms doing
wonders for his fragile mind. Yami looked down and realized who was in
his arms. '...Y-yugi...?'

A small distressed whimper escaped at the sound of his name,
burying his face against the other's chest.

'It is you!' Yami hugged him much tighter in response, crying.
'Oh gods, it is you...'

Yugi gave a small pained whine as the wounds on his arm were
touched, starting to shake slightly as he was scared of being put
through even more pain. Yami loosened his grip, scared that he might of
hurt him before seeing the mark on his arm. 'Your arm!' He laid a hand
over the wound, hoping to at least draw away the pain until he could
get him to a doctor. His hand glew for a second, absorbing the pain
from his arm.

Slowly Yugi calmed again, relaxing once again as the pain eased
off. Yami hugged him again. 'Oh Yugi...I'm so glad to be with you

Very slowly the youngster unburied his face, his single amethyst
eye looking at him with hidden pain and shame. Yami stared in horror
over what happened to his little hikari and gripped his cheeks in his
hands, one lifting up to stroke away the blood-soaked bangs. 'No...oh

Slow tears trailed down one side of his face now, his mind broken
from what's happened to him but his spirit was still intact for the
most part. Yami knew what he had to do. He struggled and pulled at the
chains that held him down with all his might before he snapped them.
Quickly, he picked up Yugi in his arms and made a quick exit from the

Automatically, Yugi curled up within the other's arms, shivering
again as the trail of tears continued. Forgetting the other millennium
items, Yami looked outside, identified the city where they were, and
ran for the nearest payphone. They had to get home and there was only
one person he could trust to call as he dialed the number.

A bored sounding voice answered the call. 'Kaiba here.'

Yami took a deep breath. 'I need your help.'

In his office, Seto was startled at hearing the familiar voice,
and he quickly sat up in his chair. 'YOU! But how?'

Yugi was shifting slightly in Yami's arms, a slow fever starting
to build from the loss of his eye.

'Yugi's in trouble, he needs a doctor immediately, and we're
stuck in Cairo. We need to get picked up right away.'

This was a shock to the system. Seto had begun to care for the
small duelist after seeing the trauma he'd gone through after Yami had
left, and was even more alarmed earlier when he heard the TV reports of
Yugi going missing from the museum. He informed Yami over the phone
that he'd get his people over there right away. Yami thanked him and
hung up.

As he ran for the direction of the airport, a short dark figure
hovered in the shadows behind a building, strangely shaped red eyes
watched as the pharaohs ran by with Yugi cradled in his arms. The
figure lifted a wrist and spoke into a rather hi-tech communicator.
'Looks like we came just a bit late, pet. Your goody-goody double has
that damned pharaoh summoned, but he looked fairly beat up.'

A small snort emerged now from the communicator. 'If what you say
is true then he'll be sent to a hospital, I'm sure you'll be able to
deal with the problem once he's alone.'

'Yeah, well, I think Anubis beat us to the punch. So much for
global domination. I think the items were abandoned in the temple, but
getting the puzzle will be a challenge. Do me a favor though, don't
ever lose an eye. You're too beautiful to look like this mutated
deranged puppy.'

There was a pause from the other end. 'More than likely then that
Anubis raped my double.'

'Mmm, I can't wait to get back home and see how Operation Break-
Up is doing. As long as we keep OUR pharaoh away from HIS light, its
all good. I didn't think Yami could ever tear up a whole bar when he's

Another pause. 'Just do your job right and separate the two of
them quickly and keep them apart.'

Dmg Struggles With Yugioh 20 Full

'Right. Oooh, I so want to rape you when we get home.' The
lurking shadow purred at the thought.

There was a chuckle. 'After work.'