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Making a superhero is exciting and fun! Preserving him in your personal comic book is nearly as incredible as having your superpower. Comic book software is intended to assist you to make your individual comic book despite whether you are a beginner or are sober regarding publishing your work.

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There is some comic book software available in the market that helps you to create your personal superhero plus help you to create your masterpiece.


Jun 04, 2008  Download Comic Book Creator 2.0. Show off your comic creations with this useful tool. If you like comic and cartoons or maybe you are searching for a way of surprising your friends with your creations, this is your program. You will love Comic Book Creator because it.

This software is a feature-packed and all-inclusive comic reader. You can find multiple viewing options in this tool. You might begin by moving from solitary to twofold page, by an elective share among pages, so it appears like a true comic. You can also turn one or more pages, fit all the pages to the display, their height or width, set a zoom feature, utilize a magnifier, etc.

CBR Reader

Well, CBR Reader provides a perfect interface for unwrapping and watching CBR comic book exclusively on your PC. As a picture viewer, this software tool has been modernized to imitate the comic presentation as well as reading procedure, and it operates rapidly by loading the images in a flash.

Comic Book Creator For Mac Free Download

C.B.R. Comic Book Reader

It is the spectator you require to like all your online books. This tool has a great list of inspiring features from library supervision, memorial reading to be efficient and fast, multiple conversion and format support, for example, XPS, epub, zip, rar. This is a quite effective windows instinctive book reading tool for any usual e-book format.


The full form of YACReader is Yet Another Comic Reader. This software is Qt4-based, free cross-platform comic book reader. Similar to the Kindle plus other readers, YACReader allows readers to enjoy their e-comic books in a user-friendly and recognizable format that imitates the feeling of reading real comics, along with rotation, zoom, and other features.

Comic Bookie

Comic Bookie is incredibly comfortable comic book reader software. This tool enables you to see comics effortlessly and speedily and that too with very modest troubles. You only need to open your file in Comic Bookie tool, and then you can simply start reading.


This software tool is a watcher for online comic books saved in any files like, PDF, CBR, and CBZ. The main features of jomic include full-screen, dual page mode, support and caching for more than a few picture formats (for example, GIF, TIFF, JFIF/JPEG, and PNG). It is Open-Source tool dispersed below the General Public License.

Comic software, free download


Comic Creator Studio

If you are seeking a CBZ and CBR reader for your preferred operating system, then don’t go anywhere. Comical is a featureful, user-friendly GUI comic book watcher, which is developed in C++ language with the use of wxWidgets. This software tool is open source thus, you have the liberty to contribute.


It is a comic reader intended for a computer system. GonVisor is a multiple-format comic reader for Windows based PCs which supports books, magazines, manga, comics, and pictures, in electronic format. GonVisor is intended for comfy screening of picture series and to effortlessly make, open, and handle files as 7zip, ace, rar, zip, cb7, cba, cbz, or cbr.

Comic Creator Software Download


PDFlite is an easy application that works like a PDF converter and viewer. It is intended to convert the text documents and pictures into PDF files. The application is available with easy to use and intuitive interface. While the same is quite unimpressive and dull, but it gives a suitable option to store files as PDF documents simply. As a file viewer, this application allows you to show the file in different methods.

Comic Collector

This software enables you to add your latest comic into your comic database which is easy and fast. You only need to find the middle online comic database sequence and pick your issues. Or else, you can detect the barcode of the comic book and instantly install all information for the publication you detected.


This software is user-friendly, lightweight, and free domestic server for your ebooks and comics. You can make use of this software to access your documents from anywhere, via computer, smart-phone, e-reader, or tablet.

What is comic book software?

Comics are the greatest rising form of art, plus they are turning into a powerful means of all the forms, from smartphone apps to films to novels. Comic Life Software is very useful nowadays to make digital comics by using your individual pictures or remixed pictures.

A comic book is considered as a simple means of visual storytelling. Different software has a different recipe to make a medieval script. You can simple separate every step into a comic edge with seamless ‘voice’ froth that portrays every phase of the procedure. Where movies are time-dependent media, estimated onto a solitary place, comics are space- dependent media which is spatial and sequential (same as the medieval script recipe), across manifold times you travel from window to window. Different from movies, you can freely travel with your comics forwards as well as backward in time plus watch two dissimilar scenes (represented as places or spaces) at the same time.

How to install comic book software?

You can get Comic Book Resource document which is a digital comic book from any of the available sources. More precisely, it’s a condensed document that has pictures — most frequently the comic pages. You can move CBR document to your system with the use of any of the numerous comic book reader applications. Since the majority of these applications move these documents, in the same manner, the applications themselves have greatly distinct features, consisting of support for screening one or more than one pages right away, bookmarking and zoom options. Just try out some of the available options to check which one suits your needs better. Comic book software allows you to include any format of the digital picture. Such software also has some interfaces. However, interfaces may vary from software to software.

Comic Book Creator For Mac Free Download Pc

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