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I used Power ISO 4.7 in Windows 7, selected the 'Tools' and then the 'burn' pull down menu. Point to the.DMG image file on your PC and have a DVD/CD in the burner big enough to hold the image, select your burn speed and that is it. Hold the 'C' down after you press the power button on the Mac and hear the Apple tone to boot to the new image.

DMG files are Mac OSX disc image file. It is commonly used on Mac OSX system, just like ISO file on Windows. Most of Mac OSX software are packed into a dmg file, which can be mounted as a volume within the OSX Finder, thus you can install the software without using a physical disc. AnyBurn can extract dmg file, convert dmg file to iso format, or burn dmg file to a new disc directly. To burn a DMG file, please follow the below steps,

  • Burn a DMG or ISO File to Disk After you have downloaded a program's installation file (.dmg format for a Mac-compatible program,.iso format for a Windows-compatible program) to a Macintosh computer's hard drive, you can burn this.dmg or.iso file to a blank CD or DVD.
  • Dec 13, 2019  Despite the differences between the core of Mac OS and Windows 10,.dmg files can be read with the assistance of third-party apps. To open a.dmg file, we turned to 7-Zip, one of our favorite ways to extract files on Windows. It’s a powerful open-source tool.

1. Run AnyBurn, then click 'Burn image file to disc'.


2. The 'Burn image file' page will show. You can select the source DMG file by clicking 'Browse' button. The burning drive list will list all writers connected to the computer, please select the correct one from the list if multiple writers are connected.

The default burning speed is the maximum speed allowed. You can select a slower speed from the speed list if needed.

Check the option 'Verify written data' if you want to compare the data written to the new disc with the original data to make sure that the new disc is readable, and all files are identical with the source files.

Click 'More settings...' if you want to change other settings, such as simulation burning, setting number of copies, or burning to multiple drives at once.

Click 'Burn Now' to start burning the DMG file.

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3. AnyBurn will start burning DMG file to the disc. If the disc is rewritable and not empty, anyburn will prompt you to erase the disc automatically before burning.

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AnyBurn will show the progress information during burning. After the burning completes, you should see the message, 'Burning completed successfully'. If 'Verify written data' option is set, and data verifying completes successfully, you should see the message, 'Verifying media completed successfully'.

You can use TransMac. This software allows you to mount .dmgfiles within Windows XP and burn to cd/dvd.

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Here is the link to their website:http://www.asy.com/scrtm.htm

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TransMac seems to have problems with burning double layer DVDs.If you're not satisfied with that, or would like to use NEROinstead anyway, then I'm almost sure, that the expanded dmg file isin fact identical with an iso image. So expand the file, and renameit to iso, and use another burner to burn the bastard!!!!!! :)

I in fact used ultraiso to convert the dmg to iso (to expandit), but the resulting file is exactly the same size that ofcreated by transmac. moreover, transmac calls expanding as'converting to iso'.

So, try at your own risk, but i think that would work.

Method 2: There is a simple freeware app called DMG2ISOthat does the same thing in an easy way. Just right click an openthe DMG file with this utility. You will find the converted ISO inthe same page.