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If you are unaware of how to modify/change MAC Address of Android devices, then today we are going to bring to you a well-detailed guide on how to easily modify/change MAC address of Android devices. Tha sounds interesting, right? This post is all about How to Change MAC Address of Android devices without getting errors.

Mar 24, 2017  MAC address, or the Media Access Control address is a unique address assigned to the network interface of a device. On your Android smartphone, or tablet, network cards such as those for WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Will have unique MAC addresses assigned to them.

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Before actually taking you through the tutorial with the steps required to modify/change MAC Address of Android devices, let us take a brief outlook on what the MAC Address actually is and why would you consider to modify/change MAC Address of Android device?


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What is MAC Address?

MAC Address is short for Media Access Control address, which is a unique identifying address with character length of 12 characters that are assigned to each piece of hardware that has internet connectivity.

Simply speaking, the MAC Address allows us to identify via which device someone is trying to access the internet. The MAC Address is generally provided to network adapters and similar hardware and every device have a unique MAC address. To know more about the generations of MAC Address, go through this link.

Why Modify/Change MAC Address of Android Devices?

There may be many reasons which would require you to change the MAC Address of your Android devices, some of them are listed below:

  • Changing or modifying the MAC Address of your Android devices helps in preventing any potential hackers to keep a track of your Android device even if they are connected to the same WIFI network as yours.
  • Certain Internet Service Providers provide internet connection to its registered users by recognising the MAC Address of the device used by the user. In case you are accessing your ISP from a different device then modifying the MAC Address of your Android device will help you get back online in no time, rather than contacting the ISP and resolving the issue.
  • The MAC Address of your personal Android device is a very sensitive piece of information as it is unique for every device. In case someone performs some malicious online activities by using your Android device’s MAC Address, you may end up being responsible for such actions.

Best MAC Address Changer Apps for Android

For Spoofing your MAC Address, you could use some of the available Android Apps to Change the MAC Address on Android device. Here I’ve mentioned those Mac address changer Android Apps below along with direct download links. You could download those Best Mac Address Changer apps for android and change the MAC Address of your device. Or else you could try it manually by following the instructions below.

MAC Address Changer Android AppsDownload Links
Download ChameleMACLink [Playstore]
Download nMACLink [APK]
Download WiFi Mac ChangerLink 1 [Playstore]

Steps to Spoof MAC Address of your Android Phone [Manually]

This guide works mostly on Android devices powered by the MediaTek processor and only a temporary change in MAC Address can be done using this method. Once you restart your Android device, the MAC reverts to the old one. I have shared two easiest way to change MAC address via Apps and manually. You can try both the methods or anyone! Let’s get started!

Change MAC Address of Android Devices without Root Access

  • Go to Settings>About Phone>Select Status and then make a note of the current MAC Address of your Android device.
  • Download the Android Terminal Emulator application from the Google Play Store. You can directly navigate to the Android Terminal Emulator Google Play Store download page by clicking here.
  • Launch the above application on your Android device and then type “IP LINK SHOW”.
  • Note the interface name of your Android device from the list.
  • And then type in the command below,
  • Replace interfacename with the Interface Name of your network that you noted in Step 4 above and XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY with the MAC Address you wish to set.
  • And that’s it. The MAC Address of your Android device will now be modified/changed.

Change MAC Address of Android devices with Root Access

  • This guide only works on rooted Android devices.
  • You need the Busybox app for Android installed on your device. You can download and install the Busybox Android application from here.
  • Also, download and install the Terminal Window Android app on your Android device from here.
  • Launch the app and enter the command below. It will display the current MAC Address of your Android device.

Mac Address Changer Ios

  • Type the command shared below,
  • Replace ” XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY ” with the MAC Address of your choice.
  • And it’s completed. You can now use the command in Step 4 above to verify whether the MAC Address has changed or not.

Enjoyed this quick and detailed guide on how to modify/change MAC Address of Android devices? Then do spread the word and share this article.

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Best Mac Address Changer App For Android

Looking for the best MAC spoofing tools to change MAC address in Windows 10? Here are 8 best free MAC address changer for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 PC.

How to change MAC address in Windows 10?

What is the best MAC address changer software for Windows operating systems?

If you are interested in knowing everything about MAC address spoofing then this guide is the one-stop solutions for you, where you can get a clear idea about MAC address, reasons for using MAC changer application, and how to change MAC address in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 operating system etc.

Here, we are going to share a comprehensive list of the best free MAC address changer for Windows so that it can accurately help you in choosing the most suitable one and changing your MAC address with ease.

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What is a MAC Address?

MAC address stands for Media Access Control address and it is nowhere related to the Apple Macintosh computers. The MAC address is your computer’s unique hardware number used as a network address for the network adapters like local area network or Ethernet address, IEEE 802, WiFi, and Bluetooth of your laptop and desktop computers.

In simple words, the MAC Address is a 6-byte number or 12-digit hexadecimal number that is used to uniquely identify a host on a network. MAC addresses are most often assigned (hard-coded into a network card) by the manufacturer and it can’t be changed easily, but you can change it or spoof it in the operating system itself which is termed as MAC spoofing or MAC address spoofing.

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Why Would You Want to Change Your MAC Address?

Well, there are many reasons for changing the MAC Address but in most of the cases, it related to bypassing certain network restrictions. The below-mentioned reasons will help you in precisely understanding the use of MAC spoofing and MAC address changer software for Windows computers:

Your ISP (Internet service provider) uses MAC address to authenticate or identify internet connection of your computer. So in case, if your network card gets broken, the new Network interface card you replace it with will have different MAC address and hence the Internet won’t work.

In such a case, spoofing a MAC address that is already authorized is much easier than telling your ISP to register your new network card MAC address.

If you want to access a particular network which limits access based on the MAC addresses, in this case, you can easily change MAC address to the one for which you have access available.

When it comes to privacy, MAC address spoofing seems a solid option. If you are using a public WiFi network like in coffee shops, hotels or airports etc. then a hacker can easily track your machines and see your MAC address because you are on the same network.

By changing MAC address, you can get a new IP address lease from the DHCP server. On various networks, the DHCP lease is set to last a long period of time/days or is connected directly with a MAC address such that you get the same IP address all the time.

As most of us know, the online gaming clients ban players by identifying the MAC addresses. MAC address changer tools prevent online games from banning due to the MAC address. This means you can play all the online games without any block.

So these were some of the basic things regarding MAC address (physical address) and the importance of MAC address changing tools to change MAC address. Now let’s have a look at the list of best MAC Address Changer for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 operating system.

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Top 5 Best Free MAC Address Changer for Windows 10 / 8 / 7

There are plenty of free MAC address spoofing tools for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 platform available on the web that allows you to change the unique address of your network adapters, but we have hand-picked some of the best MAC address changer software for you to choose from.

Continue reading to know the amazing features of these best MAC address changer for Windows 10 and pick one that suits your requirement. Here we go:

Technitium MAC Address Changer

Whenever you search on Google about MAC address changer for Windows, this MAC Address spoofing tool comes top in the search result. Technitium MAC Address Changer is one of the best freeware MAC spoofing utilities that let you instantly spoof or change Media Access Control address of your network interface card.

It comes with a very simple user interface and offers extensive information regarding each Network Interface Card (NIC) in the machine. If you are a newbie and do not know much about the structures of a MAC address, in such cases, this spoofing tool can randomly generate a proper MAC address with complete vendor data for you.

Some of the noticeable features of Technitium MAC Address Changer are:

  • It works perfectly on Windows 10, 8, and 7 operating systems (for both 32-bit and 64-bit).
  • The enhanced network configuration presets with IPv6 support allow you to instantly switch between network configurations.
  • Allows complete configuration of any network adapter.
  • It comes with command line options with entire software functionality.
  • You can select a preset from the specified preset file to apply directly.
  • Update network card vendors list feature allows you to download latest vendor data as well.

By visiting the official website of Technitium MAC Address Changer, you can get plenty of help contents to begin and learn how to change MAC address, restore MAC address, enable or disable DHCP on a Network Connection, and much more.

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NoVirusThanks MAC Address Changer

NoVirusThanks MAC Address Changer is a very powerful but easy to use application that lets you spoof or change the MAC Address of your network adapters and, if needed, restore the original MAC Address within seconds.

This MAC address changing software comes with a pretty simple interface. It displays everything at a place such as all the available adapters, current MAC address and all the manufacturer details.

The best thing with NoVirusThanks MAC Address Changer tool is that it doesn’t require Microsoft .NET Framework, supports almost all network adapters, and works on all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10). Some of its useful features are:

  • Spoof MAC Address – Best free tool to spoof MAC address of your network adapter.
  • Restore MAC Address – Easily restore the original MAC Address if your network adapter.
  • No .NET Framework – This program doesn’t need any Microsoft .NET Framework on your system.
  • Very Lightweight – The software application uses only a few MBs of memory, you will not even notice it.
  • No Spyware or adware – The program is free from spyware, adware or other pests, nothing extra is installed.
  • Free to Use – This software is completely free to use for anyone, at home, and at work.

Smart MAC Address Changer

Smart MAC Address Changer is a handy network tool which allows you to change your MAC address, DNS server, and PC proxy settings as well. This free MAC address changer software gets installed without any interrupting of any adware and it is really fast enough to start working within a matter of seconds.

In case, your internet connection gets blocked because of your MAC address then just choose the appropriate network adapter on this tool and manually enter a new MAC address (or simply click on the “Generate Random MAC Address” button to have one set automatically). This is basically DNS Changer software but also helps in changing MAC addresses.

It also provides the one-click option to Restore Original MAC Address so that you can get it back whenever you want. Smart MAC Address Changer freeware is perfectly compatible with Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Operating Systems (32 bit or 64 bit).

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SMAC MAC Address Changer

SMAC MAC Address Changer is a powerful and easy-to-use Windows MAC address modifying utility which offers the option to change MAC address for almost any network cards on various systems such as the Virtual PC, VM, Windows 7, VISTA, XP, 2003, 2000 operating systems. This MAC address spoofing tool is available in five different variants but the most basic one (Evaluation Edition) is available for free.

One interesting thing, it does not change the hardware burned-in MAC addresses. It only changes the “software based” MAC addresses, which means the new Mac addresses you change will sustain from the reboots.

The basic version of SMAC has features like MAC address changer tools and the utility can view IP configuration, but misses few advanced and enhanced features available in the paid versions. Here are some of the useful features and benefits of using SMAC MAC Address Changer for Windows:

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface, designed for both: newbie and professionals.
  • Display Network Adapters and key details.
  • Automatically Activate new MAC Address right after changing it.
  • Show the manufacturer of the MAC Address.
  • Randomly Generate any New MAC Address or based on a selected manufacturer.
  • Pre-load MAC Addresses List and chooses the new MAC address from the list.
  • Protect your personal privacy by hiding the real MAC Address of your Network Adapters.
  • Generate comprehensive reports on Network Adapter details.
  • Remove spoofed MAC Address to restore original MAC Address.


If you are looking for a lightweight and portable MAC Address spoofing software that allows you to change your MAC address into anything else then you can consider using Portable Spoof-Me-Now. As it is a portable software, so there is no need of installing it. You can simply drop the Spoof-Me-Now program files of on any hard disk, and run it just by clicking the executable button.

The software has a user-friendly interface and the single window structure gives direct access to all the available options. In order to change Windows MAC address, you have to first select a network adapter and when you see the current MAC address then simply specify the new address you want to change it into.

In Portable Spoof-Me-Now program, there are no other amazing options available and the sad part is that it does not implement an option for resetting the MAC address to default.

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Change MAC Address

When it comes to using a very simple tool for changing the MAC address of a network adapter then Change MAC Address software by LizardSystems is also a good option. With the help of this MAC Address spoofing tool, you can easily spoof the MAC address, set the MAC address of another manufacturer, or even generate a random MAC address in just a few clicks.

MAC Address changes will be applied and retained after you restart the system. Here are some of the key features of Change MAC Address tool:

  • Showing the MAC address of your network adapter.
  • Showing the manufacturer of your network adapter.
  • Replacing the MAC address with any other address.
  • Generating a completely random MAC address.
  • Setting a MAC address of another manufacturer.
  • Setting a MAC address without changing the manufacturer.
  • Automatically activating the new MAC address after the change.
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Win 7 MAC Address Changer

With a very clean and intuitive interface, Win7 MAC Address Changer application is specifically designed to change the MAC address used for identifying a specific network adapter or computer in a network. This easy to use MAC spoofing tool fully supports Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

Mac Address Changer Windows 10

In simple words, we can say that it does nothing magnificent compared to the other MAC address spoofing tools in its category but it serves its purpose just perfectly. All features can be summarized as:

  • Neat, simple and clutter-free interface which will show what is needed most.
  • Random MAC Address Generator generates random MAC address in a click.
  • All most all Wired and Wireless Network Cards from all vendors are Supported.
  • Fully compatible with both 32bit and 64bit Windows operating systems.
  • Reset MAC Address in a click using “Reset Default” Button.
  • All Application setting can be reset default in a click.
  • The user can keep track of all actions and undo necessary actions using the log file.
  • See Quick System information using the included module.


This is also a well-known MAC Address Spoofing and Host Name Randomizing Application for Windows operating system that lets you randomly change the MAC address and your computer’s hostname.

With the help of MadMACs, you can easily modify the addresses belonging to any network device, either wireless or Ethernet. This tool is very easy to use and works well in different versions of Windows (Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows 8).

Best Mac Address Changer App For Android Iphone

Wrapping Up

Now you have an idea about the best MAC Address spoofing tools for Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer. All the amazing features of these top 8 best free MAC address changer for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 are explained in detailed so that you can easily pick the best one that fits your requirement.

Best Mac Address Changer App For Android Iphone

According to us, SMAC MAC Address Changer software is a great choice for anybody who wants to have a super easy to use and multifunctional MAC Changer application as it allows you to change both DNS server and MAC address.

Best Mac Address Changer App For Android Phone

Let’s get connected via the comment section to discuss more about the best MAC Address spoofing tool and to clear all your doubts regarding how to change MAC address in Windows 10 OS. If you have any more best free MAC address changer software for Windows to add then feel free to share it with us too.

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