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Developers who make apps for Apple’s platforms are used to opening App Store Connect in a browser to manage their apps in the App Store. This portal provides access to edit an app’s description, screenshots, keywords, and also follow sales reports, analytics, and customer reviews. There’s also an official iOS app from Apple available in the App Store that gives access to some limited functionality.

  • Aug 29, 2019  This service is widely used by many developers who can’t afford to purchase Apple’s expensive MacBook or iMac. You can even remotely access a mac by sitting in any part of the globe. The best thing about this option is that the cost is really low and it’s the fastest option to get up and running.
  • Jan 25, 2019  This app has Issues with 360 account that need to be addressed. Tried using this app to avoind always using my internet browser. Not because I’m a fan of Microsoft product but because my current job pays for outlook 365. Lasted less than two days. First day, install the app have no issues with it.

During this year’s WWDC, Apple announced the launch of an official API for App Store Connect, to let developers create their own tools using an officially supported API rather than the hacks that were previously required. Indie developer Vadim Shpakovski announced NativeConnect, a native Mac app to access the same features offered by the web version of the portal. Today, NativeConnect is available on its website.

I’ve been using NativeConnect since its first early betas, with it you can create separate documents to manage different developer accounts and teams, or add multiple teams to a single document. The app allows bulk editing of metadata in different locales and offline editing, requiring an internet connection only when syncing content to and from Apple’s servers.

Dec 05, 2019 Indie developer Vadim Shpakovski announced NativeConnect, a native Mac app to access the same features offered by the web version of the portal. Today, NativeConnect is available on its website.

Another welcome feature is the ability to generate promotional codes for your apps right from within the app’s sidebar, a process that would previously require manually logging in on the web and going through several menus. In-app purchase promocodes are not supported yet, but the developer has promised it’s a top priority to get those implemented.

The stats page shows a summary of the app’s ratings, with a panel showing the latest downloads, revenue, in-app purchase and refunds stats, the date range for which can be customized. A separate tab can be used to browse through customer reviews, filtering by territory, app version, and star rating. Responding to reviews is also supported.

Overall, NativeConnect is a really welcome tool for any Apple developer. It streamlines many workflows that would previously require going through the web interface. NativeConnect is available for free on its official website. The free version offers read-only access to all data and requires a subscription to push data to App Store Connect.

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The Mac App Store has always made it easy for millions of customers around the world to discover and download Mac apps. The Mac App Store on macOS Mojave and later offers a richer experience so customers can find apps that help them create, work, play, and develop, even more easily.


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A Deeper Product Page Experience

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The Mac App Store product page includes features that help drive discovery and downloads of your app. You can add up to three app preview videos per localization to show your Mac app in action and highlight its key features and functionality. App previews autoplay on the Mac App Store, making them even more useful in helping customers learn about your app. You can also add an app subtitle and up to 10 screenshots.

An Easy Way to Request Reviews

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Give customers a simple and effective way to rate and review your app using the SKStoreReviewController API. Simply identify places in your app's user experience where it makes sense to ask for feedback, and customers can write and submit a review without leaving the app. You can prompt for ratings up to three times in a 365-day period.