Apps Like Blue Iris For Mac

For Mac 10.6.8 Snow Leopard use this version Iris mini is free and minimalistic version of Iris. This is the entire Iris mini, no UI, no buttons, no many confusing options. Iris mini is software for eye protection. It can reduce the color temperature of the screen and it can also reduce the screen brightness without increasing the flicker rate of.

Bluestacks is an application for enjoying the features and functions of the Android devices on Mac and Windows. The world of the smartphone has opened the door of new opportunities for us, but still, there are many constraints involved in these… read more

13 Apps Like Bluestacks


1. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is the name of a most popular Android emulator for the Windows devices that allow the people to play multiple kinds of Android supported games onto their Windows devices along with the support of all connected hardware of the PC. This tool is particularly optimized for Android gaming so doesn’t expect other features and functions from this application at all. There is something tremendously gratifying about button mashing while gaming that most of the time users can’t get from a touch screen device. Whether the user is playing any puzzle game or any strategically timing attacks game, Remix OS Player is a tool that offers them all those things that they really need to enjoy their favorite Android supported games on the desktop PC. It offers them access to the two most important functions in the shape of mapping multiple buttons that they really need and remembering the latest mapped settings as well. The best about Remix OS Player is that it even supports for multi gaming as well and it is the only emulator offering that feature.


2. KoPlayer

KoPlayer is one of the most popular, solid and free to use Android emulators for the PC systems. This simple tool basically brings a quality Android apps and games playing experience to all kind of Windows platform. It is different from the most of the traditional Android emulators because of the reason it is offering those functions and controlling options that others are offering in their own way. The settings and controlling options like swiping and tapping the controlling map to mouse and keyboard commands will make you work easy and will allow you to customize exactly how to work more professionally. In addition to running the Android games and apps, there are several other features of this tool as well that make this Android emulator standout among the Android content creators and famers. The most notable feature of this tool is video capturing system that lets the users’ record right from the emulated device’s screen. KoPlayer is simply offering a wide range of features and functions for getting better Android experience.


3. MEmu

A lot of Android emulator are there over the internet in which one most popular name is of the MEmu that support for both online and offline Android devices usage over the PC operating devices. This simple to use Android emulator allows its users to play the games and enjoy the apps of Android devices over the PC devices. It is simply the best tool for those people who like to enjoy the features and functions of the Android apps and games on the big screen along with controlling them using mouse and keyboard. It is best because it offers great support for almost all Android versions. Moreover, it will also make you able to expect the highest performance on all kind of Android supporting smartphones and get two times faster benchmark score comparing to the latest flagship Android smartphones. In addition to supporting elements of the Android devices, MEmu offers an enormous amount of compatibility for the Windows devices by supporting a wide range of hardware configuration and is compatible with the hardware parts of all modern day Windows devices.


4. Leapdroid

Leapdroid is one of the fastest Android emulators for using the Android apps on the PC for free. It simply works great and offers the huge number of tools, programs and options to its users that exist for running the Android apps in these modern days. It’s tough for the new people to get noticed about what is going on in the advanced Android world but this tool named Leapdroid is all these to guide its users in all these areas. One of the best things about Leapdroid is that it emphasis on speed and deliver great number of options for customizing it as well. As compared to the most of the emulators, this emulator also runs a virtual machine in the background. However, this Android emulator also offers those settings options to the users that will make them able to run their favorite apps fluidly. In a nutshell, Leapdroid is such kind of Android emulator that goes light on the extra functionalities to make way for smooth emulation even for graphics heavy game too.


5. ARC Welder

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First of all this tool named ARC Welder don’t direct system for running Android apps on the system. Allowing for the running of Android apps on the Windows based system is basically one of its functions. This simple tool is basically designed for the app developers and also general users as well. This app requires the Google Chrome browser because of being offered in the shape of extension for it. It will allow you to run all of your favorite Android applications on the Chrome operating systems for free. However, it doesn’t have the directory of the apps at all, you have to download the APK file for the app that you want to run, and ARC Welder will provide you the platform for running that application. That is the simple way of working with this tool that makes it simply the best means of dealing with Android apps for free. Moreover, it can also be used for testing of the apps as well.


6. Genymotion

Genymotion is easy to use Android emulator particularly designed for general Android users and Android developers. It is a cross platform Android emulator that is at the moment available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The latest version of Genymotion is now being offered for instant cloud access as well. Too many offers and functionalities make it one of the best Android emulators, and for the same reason, it has millions of regular users across the globe. For Android developers, this unique platform will bring the Android apps and games to perfection by offering them the tools for developing with confidence, testing early and easily and in the end delivering with delight. The main advantages of using Genymotion are that it allows its users to simulate over three thousand virtual device configurations and every imaginable situation to ensure a better user experience. It also empowers the developers to code and test often and early before and after committing their code to eliminate all kind of bugs. The general users can also use it for accessing Android apps and games as well.


7. Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator is simply a user friendly Android emulator that offers an easy to use means of downloading and then installing the Android supported games and apps on the Windows or Mac operating devices and enjoying them like enjoying them on the Android smartphones and tablets. This tool has great selection of games and apps for the Android devices that you can enjoy at your PC operating systems. The main advantages of using Andy Android Emulator are that it provides seamless synchronization between mobile and desktop devices. It allows its users to connect their Windows or Mac systems with Android apps for launching, storage or push notifications purpose. It also allows the smartphone users to download any kind of desktop web browser directly to Andy Android Emulator. Moreover, it will always offer you the updated Android operating system all the time and always bring all favorite entertainment and communication mobile applications to the desktop. This simple tool will offer you the unlimited storage space, Mac and PC compatibility and the freedom to play all of your favorite games and apps on desktop without any interruption at all.


8. YouWave Android Emulator

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This Android emulator named YouWave Android Emulator will bring a new world for Android devices in the PC operating systems. This tool is also the platform of thousands of apps and games that can be accessed from its app stores that is integrated into the tool. It is simply the fastest and simplest means for running Android games and devices on the PC without facing any limitation or restriction at all. For the information of the readers, those apps that use hardware sensors or that use closed soured APIs are not being supported by this Android emulator at all. So, you have to adjust with that issue. In rest of the areas, this app is simply the best above all because it is offering a lot of features and functions. For its wide range of functionalities and ways of working style, YouWave Android Emulator is simply the perfect means that run the Android apps and games on the Windows PC. It does so by first creating virtual Android environments inside the Windows PC.


9. Nox App Player

Nox App Player is a free emulator that is used for exploring the Android devices on the Mac and Windows systems. It is an excellent means of enjoying the apps and games of the Android devices on the later mentioned operating systems. For the information of the readers, Nox App Player is not a means for file transferring and sharing at all. It is something else that is basically used for two main functions that we have described in the introductory lines. The main advantages of using Nox App Player are that it will offer you the highest performance, it is designed for the extreme compatibility system and best above all it is eclipsing all traditional emulators. Enjoying playing of application and games over the big screen all with easy operation is not possible for most of the tools but this tool is making that reality true. By using this tool you will get the great stability all with stable, efficiency and powerful working all the time. The best about Nox App Player is that it offers the filly compatibility all with high suitability as well.


10. Droid4X

This Android emulator enables the Android users to emulate Android working environment on their Windows operating systems to run any kind of app and game. It is available for free and doesn’t involve too many complexities at all on the name of configuration or customization. Android emulator is popular among the Android devices users, and Android developers as these come with robust hardware system and make their users able to run a broad range of games and apps for the Android on their devices like Windows operating systems. If you want to enjoy your favorite game or app that is Android based, on the large screen of the Windows operating system, then Droid4X is an excellent means for that as this tool is capable of emulating any kind of Android environment with very little effort. The installation process of this tool is also very easy and simple. It is a perfect means for getting a virtual environment capable of running Android based systems. We want to make it clear here that Droid4X needs the installation of VirtualBox first for creating a virtualized environment into your system so that you can enjoy running Android apps and games on your PC.


11. Windroy

Windroy is the combination of multiple Android emulators that works like Android in the Windows devices and then allows the users to enjoy experiencing all kind of Android apps and games. It aims to offer the people an easy and simple way of running all kind of Android apps on the Windows platform just like the software of the Windows. For the same reason, most of the Android developers in addition to casual users like using this program. The one problem with Windroy is that it is still based on the old version of the Android so maybe at some points, you will be not able to explore the games and apps of today. Moreover, it also doesn’t have an independent store for the Android apps and games at all. You have to download the APK file of the app that you want to run and then move it to the folder of Windroy in the Window directory from where this app will access that application. Some constraints are there but the reasonable option if you are not finding any other.


12. Shashlik

Shashlik is a multifunctional and multi purpose Android emulator designed for both Android developers and those people who want to get and instant access to the Android apps and games on the desktop PC. This simple to use emulator really give the startup much more and robust access to most of the Android based games and applications. For the information of the readers, this tool particularly used for accessing the features and functions of Android apps and games on the Linux based operating systems. For its stunning features and functions, this Android emulator is the provider of easiest and simplest means to run the Android applications and even games correctly. As it is a Linux based tool, so its offer the OpenGL and graphics system and all these are rendered on the host ensuring fast performance and great delivery on time. Once you start using this tool, you will realize that it is offering you incredibly stripped down based that boost directly into the loaded application but with a running activity manager as well.



AMIDuOS is one of the easiest, fastest and simplest Android emulators at the moment available for the Windows devices. This tool basically used for running the Android apps either general purpose or game based on the Windows devices. AMIDuOS is available for the Windows 7 and upgraded versions. It is as simple as one, two and three. Just download the tool from the official website and install it on the system and simply run and start enjoying access to the Android games and apps on your big screen platform. AMIDuOS is not a free at all. You can use it for free for thirty days only and after that you will need to go for the paid version in case you got satisfied with its performance. The rates for Lollipop and Jellybean Android devices are different. Two main features and functions of the AMIDuOS are having full Android experience and enjoying greater apps compatibility all the time. The advanced features and functions that are being offered by this Android emulator will offer you the best fun and entertainment experience. IT runs fast and performs without any limitation at all because it deploys the native Android system and easily run on the Windows devices.

More About Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an application for enjoying the features and functions of the Android devices on Mac and Windows. The world of the smartphone has opened the door of new opportunities for us, but still, there are many constraints involved in these. It is, in fact, a kind of player for the Android devices for the Mac and Windows operating systems using which the smartphone users can run the games and applications installed on their smartphone on the big screen using the patented layercake technology involved in this application. It is a free means for virtualizing the full Android experience over your Mac and Windows operating systems. It is available for free to download, and usage is also free without any limitation at all. The best about Bluestacks is that it offers the Android users multiple premium exploring options like premium support, faster game player, faster application usage, and much more. Some features and functions are against fixed subscription plan, but these are for the developers. Bluestacks is simply one of the best means of experiencing smartphone on the Mac or Windows system.